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Getting you through Alaskan Way Viaduct Construction

Metro can help you avoid SR 99 construction congestion.

Info for Travelers

We can get you there

Metro has added new bus trips, new incentives for carpools and vanpools and new help for people who want to work at home so you can minimize your encounters with construction congestion.

Travel Options for You:

Increased Bus Service to keep you on the go!

Bus service north and south of the Alaska Way Viaduct is increasing by over 45 trips during commute times thanks to Washington State DOT's commitment of over $30 million, supplemented with additional King County Metro funds. You have more bus service to count on: buses are more reliable and more seats are available, particularly during rush hour.

Smart Choices: Carpools and Vanpools

Save time and money in a vanpool or carpool.

A group of riders in a van

Join a vanpool or carpool and save. Learn about the rewards available for new and current carpoolers and vanpoolers. You can cut your driving expenses by at least half, you'll gain access to HOV lanes and your employer might even reserve the best parking spots for those who drive together. Find a transit agency sponsored vanpool, or regular carpool going your way at

Add more rewards to your ride.

As you are busy counting the money your carpool or vanpool saves on cost of commuting you could earn even more $$ with these additional rewards:

For New Vanpool and Vanshare

Form a new King County Metro Commuter Van and get the following rewards (in addition to less stress, no tolls and new friends):

  • Drivers, bookkeepers and riders in new Metro vans each receive a $77 gift card.

Call 206-625-4500 or send an e-mail for details

For All Vanpoolers & Carpoolers

Win a $77 gift card. How?

Track at least 7 commute days each month using the commute calendar on and be entered in a drawing. Each month we'll draw 77 winners for a $77 gift card.

It's just a click away at or call 206-625-4500

Cut your Cost of Commuting Through your Employer

We'll help your boss help you get to work.

Interested in trying the bus or a vanpool for commuting to work, but want your employer to help you with the cost?Want to work from home but your employer is not so sure about the idea? Metro has a range of programs to help your boss help you get to work. And they don't all cost money. Check it out:

Your boss can offer:

Why not tell your employer about these opportunities? Pass along this flyer to your boss and get them started cutting your commute costs today!

Telework and Coworking

You don't always have to be there, to be there!

A woman working from a coffee shop.

The benefits of teleworking, coworking, compressed work weeks and alternate schedules are many: you can save money on travel costs, eliminate commute time and improve your work-life balance.

Your company doesn't have a telework program? Get them on board! We offer free assistance from expert telework consultants to create or expand telework programs. You can learn more about telework.

What is coworking? If you have permission to telework and want to feel part of a community or experience the motivation that comes from working with people, coworking can be a great solution. Local coworking spaces enable individuals to stay closer to home, have access to equipment, but still have a vibrant, social office environment that enhances productivity.

  • Find out more at Coworking Seattle (with coworking locations throughout the metropolitan regions).
  • Find coworking locations with the free Coworking iPhone app.
  • Office Nomads is offering a free month of basic membership to any new member who mentions the Alaskan Way Viaduct construction as the reason they want to try coworking. Contact Office Nomads for details.
  • thinkspace in Redmond is offering a free month of basic membership to any new member who mentions the Alaskan Way Viaduct construction as the reason they want to try coworking. Contact thinkspace for details.

Are you a coworking space interested in offering a promotion to help commuters cope with SR 520 tolling and viaduct construction? Contact us and we'll add your offer to the list.

Biking During Construction

Take your bike to work.

Biking to work during viaduct construction could be the quickest way to make your way to or through downtown. Many local groups have biking resources to get you started or assist you if you are a seasoned rider. You could also extend your commute by taking your bike on the bus.

Log your trips, track your savings and earn rewards. By logging your bike trips in the RideShare Trip Calendar, you can quickly see both your financial and environmental savings. Plus, when you track your trips on a regular basis, you qualify to be entered into monthly prize drawings. More on

New Bike Bus Rider?

Looking for a new way to get to work? Great tips to get you started are just a click away.

Neighborhood Programs to Get You "In Motion"

Metro is helping neighborhoods to get In Motion during the viaduct construction.

If you live in one of the neighborhoods listed below, this summer Metro will be launching the "In Motion" program to reward you for trying new ways of getting around.

Programs run 12-16 weeks and reward participants weekly for changing trips. Earn or win free transit fare, local merchant rewards and prizes. Be a part of getting your neighborhood In Motion!

Updates about program launches will be made in June of this year at our In Motion website! Keep checking or send us an email telling us where you live and which program you want to be notified about.

  • South Park
  • White Center
  • West Seattle
  • Squire Park
  • Georgetown
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Common Questions

What part of SR 99 will be replaced?

WSDOT will replace the double-deck bridge section of SR 99 that runs along Seattle's waterfront from S. Holgate Street up to the Battery Street Tunnel. This structure is called the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Are there roadway restrictions on the viaduct?

In 2001, WSDOT imposed roadway restrictions that remain in effect today. Vehicles with a gross weight of more than 105,500 lbs. are prohibited. Each single axle is not to exceed 20,000 lbs., and tandem axles are not to exceed 34,000 lbs. Trucks and buses must travel in the right-hand lane only. Further restrictions could be imposed in the future.

Is most of the traffic using the viaduct today going to downtown or through downtown?

The current viaduct carries approximately 110,000 vehicles per day just south of the mid-town ramps. Of this amount, approximately 17,000 vehicles enter or exit downtown at Columbia and Seneca streets, and 33,000 exit or enter at Elliott and Western avenues toward Belltown, Uptown, and neighborhoods along the 15th Avenue and Elliott Avenue corridor. The remaining 60,000 vehicles continue north through the Battery Street Tunnel, either exiting in the South Lake Union/Queen Anne area or continuing north across the Ship Canal.

Have more questions about SR 99 construction? Check out the FAQ on the Washington State DOT site.

Info for Employers

Let us help you and your employees get to work while avoiding the construction congestion on SR 99.

Offer Your Employees Options:

Discount Transit Passes

Get a pass program started today!

Offer pre-tax transit passes to your employees or start an ORCA business program. ORCA Passport is a comprehensive, annual pass program at a flat rate. It covers bus, rail, vanpool and guaranteed ride home. ORCA Choice lets you order monthly passes at retail rates and gives you the flexibility to change your order each month.

A new passport contract is eligible for a first year $5 to $30 incentive per pass, depending on what part of the county your business is located.

For all discounted transit passes you can call (206) 263-3455.


Time to offer telework?

Employees value the option to telework and we provide support for employers who want to start or expand a telework program. We’ll help you answer questions about suitability, productivity and security, set up procedures and policies, and advise you on technical issues if you need it.

We have help for you no matter where you are located:

Want to learn more about telework first? Check out our resources.

One-On-One Support

We'll help you sort through the options!

We look forward to working with you to create more and better commute options for your employees. Assistance varies by geographic area and employer size. By telling us the size of your company and your location, we can better serve you.

How large is your company?

If your worksite has less than 100 employees check out the list below for your area and commute programs directly available to you!

For other areas of King County, contact King County Employer Services at 206-263-3455.

If your worksite has 100 or more employees, your site is likely affected by the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law and may receive additional assistance. Choose the geographic location of your worksite below to find the appropriate contact person:

Not sure who to contact? Call us at 206-263-3455 or send us an email.


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Updated: May 5, 2011