Rewards & Promotions

Rideshare Rewards

Sharing a ride is rewarding.

Whether you carpool, vanpool or use vanshare in your commute, you can save time, utilize HOV lanes, and best of all, put money in your wallet saving you commute costs AND receiving rewards!

Bookmark this page and check back frequently to learn about new rewarding rideshare opportunities for King County commuters.

Reserved parking at your I-90/I-405 Park & Ride with vanshare!

Share a ride from your neighborhood to a Park & Ride in the I-90/I-405 corridor in a vanshare and get rewarded!

When South Bellevue Park & Ride closes in January 2017 for East Link construction, the other Park & Rides in the region will become more crowded. Beat the crowds by starting a vanshare and get a reserved parking spot!

  • Reduced ridership requirements – get started with just you and two other people.
  • First three months of your vanshare fare will be free!
  • In addition to receiving a $50 MasterCard Rewards Card, each person in your new group will receive a free ORCA card with $25 pre-loaded value or a $25 TranBen voucher to use towards transit or vanshare fare.
  • Free reserved parking at qualifying Park & Ride lots (including Eastgate Park & Ride!)

The fine print:

  • Vanshare groups that take advantage of this promotion must connect to King County Metro or Sound Transit bus service and riders may be asked to provide their ORCA card number.
  • Groups must have at least five full-time riders (including two drivers and a bookkeeper) by the end of their 3rd month of commuting to continue.
  • Not all Park & Ride along the I-90/I-405 corridor are eligible for reserved parking.  Please email Rideshare Operations to see if your Park & Ride qualifies.

Get started today!

Confirm your group’s logistics and have everyone download and complete a Commuter Van Participant Agreement and email them to vanshare@kingcounty.gov or fax to 206-684-2166.  Give us a call at 206-625-4500 with any questions!

Get in the game with the 12th Van!

Get in the game with the 12th Van

Save money, save time and de-stress with a winning commute! Start a 12 passenger King County Metro vanpool and your first two months are free (Score!). If your van is still active after 6 months, your group of 8 or more ‘poolers will be rewarded $150 for your team to share. Learn about all the details and benefits of vanpooling.

Ground rules:

  • Must be a new Metro vanpool group.
  • Groups must have 8 or more participants.
  • Metro will pay for the first two months of the vanpool operation.
  • All regular vanpool requirements apply.
  • Payment will be in the form of vouchers mailed to groups’ bookkeeper who will submit them with the monthly reports.
  • If the vanpool is still operating 6 months after the promotion, then the group will receive a $150 gift card to use as a group.
  • Groups must not have participated in another agency van in the last 30 days.
  • Vans must be started by November 2016 to qualify for the promotion.
  • To get your 12th Van started, call or email 206-625-4500 or send an email.

Start a new van and get rewarded!

MasterCard Rewards

Start a NEW King County Metro vanpool or vanshare and each new participant could receive a $50 MasterCard Rewards Card!

Ready to get rewarded?

  • You provide four (or more) other commuters you can share a ride to work with. Metro will provide the van, gas, insurance and maintenance. Check out our commuter van starter kit for tips on getting your van on the road and a worksheet to iron out the pertinent details.
  • Collect a complete and signed program application from each member. Email all competed forms to vanpool@kingcounty.gov or fax them to 206-684-2166.
  • Once all forms are received, your Rideshare Services Representative (RSR) will walk you through the rest of the process and help you get your new group on the road!
  • After the formation process is complete (usually 2-3 weeks), your RSR will schedule a time for the van to be picked up and give your group instructions on how to redeem their $50 MasterCard Rewards Card!

Ground Rules:

  • To be considered a participant of a new group, the participant must be listed on the Statement of Understanding signed upon pick-up of the van. Anyone joining the group after this time will be considered to have joined an existing group.
  • Participant must have a completed Metro commuter van program application on file with Rideshare Operations.
  • Participant must not have participated in any commuter van program within the past three months prior to starting a new Metro commuter van.
  • If an existing van splits into two groups, only the new participants of the new group who meet the criteria above will be eligible for this promotion.
  • Promotion is only for New King County Metro vanpool or vanshare groups that start between January 1 and December 31, 2016.

In a van, I can...recruit riders and get rewarded!

dollar bills

Recruit a new participant into your, or any other existing King County Metro Commuter Van and get $50. Recruit three new participants and get $150!

Ready to get rewarded?

  • Make sure the new participant completes a program application and faxes it to 206-684-2166 or scans and emails it to vanpool@kingcounty.gov The recruit request will not be processed without this application on file.
  • Go to RideshareOnline.com to sign up for a new account (or log in to your existing account), click on the Rewards tab and select Incentive Programs.
  • Click ‘Submit Request’ for the King County Metro Commuter Van – 2016 Recruit #1 and complete the form.
  • If you have three recruits, repeat the process for King County Metro Commuter Van – 2016 Recruit #2 and 2016 Recruit #3
  • Your recruit will then be sent an email and asked to confirm that you recruited them. Once your recruit verifies that you recruited them, you will receive a code to redeem your $50 MasterCard Rewards Card!

Ground Rules:

  • Recruit must join an existing vanpool or vanshare. For new commuter vans, this means only riders who you recruit after you start may be eligible.
  • Recruiter and recruit must be current members of the King County Metro Commuter Van Program.
  • Recruiting rewards are limited and are first come/first serve. Only two recruiting rewards per recruiter.
  • Recruit must not have participated in any commuter van program within the past three months prior to joining a Metro commuter van.
  • Recruit must have joined a Metro commuter van after program start date of December 1, 2015.
  • Recruit and recruiter must both have a completed Metro commuter van program application file with Rideshare Operations.
  • Recruiters who were rewarded in 2015 are encouraged to recruit again in 2016.
  • King County Metro will not intervene or mediate in discrepancies or disputes between the recruit and recruiter.

Every Team Needs a Coach.

The Commute Coach is the coordinator of the new vanpool or vanshare while the group is forming. The coach recruits commuters, organizes the group and assists the team to cross the finish line in their new commuter van. Earn a $100 MasterCard Rewards Card for organizing your new Metro vanpool or vanshare today!

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Accessible commuter vans are available to groups upon request; TTY users, please dial your relay service at 7-1-1 to get in touch with rideshare staff (available 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday); RideshareOnline.com translation service available to ESL customers via a conference by calling 206-625-4500 (available 8 AM to 5 AM, Monday through Friday).