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Further Information

Further information on programs that Metro has to suit your transportation needs:

For overall information about the Job Access Reverse Commute Transportation Program and Grants and Partnerships, or Job Access Coordination: RideShare, Travel Training, Special Use VanPools, or Zipcar, contact:

Ref Lindmark, Project Manager, Voice: 206-684-1104, FAX: 206-684-2058, e-mail:

For Rideshare Operations Ridematch System, personalized carpool, or rideshare services, contact:

Andrea Maillet, Rideshare Coordinator, Voice: 206-684-1526, FAX: 206-684-2166, e-mail:

Jim Greenwald, Transit Planner, Voice: 206-684-1928, FAX: 206-684-2166, e-mail:

Updated: February 12, 2011