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Bikes in the Transit Tunnel

Tips for loading and unloading your bike in the tunnel

Bicyclist in transit tunnel photo

You can load and unload your bike on the bus bike racks at any tunnel station during open hours.

  • Wait at the bus bay sign, ready to load your bike onto the bus rack from the curbside of the platform.
    • If your bus is second in line, signal the driver of the second bus after the first bus leaves, then walk to the bus to load your bike. The second bus in line does not have to stop again at the head of the bay.
    • If your bus is third in line, stay at the bus bay sign and alert the operator as the bus approaches. The bus driver will stop again to pick up and drop off passengers.
  • Stand behind the yellow tactile line at the platform curb.
  • Start loading your bike only after the bus has come to a complete stop and the doors are open. Tell the driver that you are loading your bike.
  • Step down carefully with your bike due to the higher platforms in the tunnels. All tunnel stations (except Convention Place) have a 14-inch-high curb between the platform and the roadway, and some have sloping areas.
  • Watch for bus mirrors. It's possible to bump your head when boarding or leaving the bus after stepping onto or from the roadway due to the higher platforms.
  • When unloading, step out of the roadway quickly and carefully, then move behind the yellow line, alerting the driver that you are clear.

Reminders for cyclists in the tunnel

  • Always walk your bike on tunnel station plazas, mezzanines, and platforms. Don't ride your bike in any tunnel area.
  • Bikes may be taken on elevators or carried on stairs, but bikes are not allowed on escalators.
  • When using stairs, hold your bike securely and be aware of others around you.