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Park & Ride Lot Use and Security

Transit Park & Ride lots are for commuter parking and are not available for residential, commercial or long term parking, or for recreational use.

Please park only in designated areas in Park & Ride lots. Parking in non-designated areas is at your own risk and could result in your vehicle being towed. This would not necessarily be at Metro's request, but could be done by various jurisdictions that monitor these facilities for compliance with the legal codes that govern them.

While Metro and local law enforcement staff check Park & Ride lots regularly, there is not generally full-time security at these facilities. Park & Ride patrons are encouraged to lock cars, not leave valuables in sight and report suspicious activity at transit facilities or on buses to the police or to bus drivers.

Metro Transit Police officers are part of the King County Sheriffs Office, and regularly work with local police agencies throughout the county to monitor Park & Ride lots and to share information regarding security at Metro facilities.

Metro staff and Transit police officers are always working to improve security on our buses and at our facilities. Metros highest priority is to keep people safe as they travel throughout our system.

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Updated: Feb. 23, 2004