Bike Travel

Bikes & SR-520

State Route 520 photo

The State Route 520 Evergreen Point Floating Bridge across Lake Washington has no bicycle or pedestrian access.

However, all King County Metro and Sound Transit buses that cross SR-520 make stops to accommodate bicyclists. The most convenient stops are: Montlake Freeway Station and Evergreen Point. Fares are collected on all in-service buses. For fare information, see Metro's Fares & ORCA page or Sound Transit's Fares & Passes.

SR-520 ride free pilot project

The pilot project providing free service across the SR-520 floating bridge on out-of-service buses will remain in effect at least until SR-520 bike lanes fully open (anticipated late-2017). After that, Metro will re-evaluate the service based on demand.

Please be aware that out-of-service buses do not operate on a fixed schedule and there are fewer of them on weekends. Their schedules are not published, posted, tracked, or guaranteed.

The SR-520 ride free pilot project also provides free service across the bridge for bicyclists and other transit customers on out-of-service Metro and Sound Transit buses.

Bicyclists and other transit customers can ride free across the SR-520 Evergreen Point Bridge:

  • On out-of-service Metro and Sound Transit buses.
  • Between Montlake and Evergreen Point only.
  • In either direction, eastbound or westbound.

Out-of-service buses will display one of these destination signs:

  • Terminal
  • Bellevue Base
  • East Base

In general, the majority of out-of-service buses are:

  • Eastbound between Montlake and Evergreen Point during weekday morning peak commuting hours.
  • Westbound between Evergreen Point and Montlake during weekday morning and afternoon peak commuting hours.