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ORCA pass program options for employers

Save money, delight employees, and help the environment by offering commuter benefits

A commuter benefit program is easy to administer and may cost your company little or nothing. With minimal paperwork, companies can enjoy tax savings among other business advantages by offering environmentally-friendly commuter benefits to their employees.

Compare programs for employers in King County

Ask key questions and consider the differences in commuter programs outlined below to help ensure a successful program for your employees.

 ORCA Business ChoiceORCA Business Passport

Best for

Companies needing a program for monthly passes or e-purse deposits

Companies needing an annual pass program

Requires minimum number of employees



Min. 20 employees (min. 5 employees for companies in downtown Seattle, Belltown, International District, and downtown Bellevue)

Requires written agreement

One-time agreement

Annual agreement

Online card management
Manage employee pass cards by serial number, group, or branch


As needed

Who pays for the passes?

Company decides whether to subsidize all, some, or none of the cost

Company subsidizes 50 to 100% of the cost of each pass

Cost per employee

Monthly retail prices apply
(revised 1/14/13)

Annual bulk pricing depending on company location

Payment terms

Pre-pay by check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard)

Post pay by check

Tax benefits for employers and employees



How to start

Follow these steps

Contact us

To estimate the price of a Passport agreement, locate your work site on our Passport Zone Cost Estimator

Contact us

For assistance, use our Employer Commute Services form or call Employer Services at 206-477-5858.

Updated: January 14, 2013