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August 2005 State

Metro dominates state roadeo

Photo:Roadeo winner Michael GradyMetro drivers and vehicle maintenance workers dominated the competition at the annual Washington State Public Transportation Roadeo held in Tukwila.

Michael Grady, a transit operator from Metros East Base, won first place in the 40-foot bus driving division. The Vehicle Maintenance Team of Arvin Vulliet, Bryan Stites and Jerry McKenna took first place in the team competition. And, Metro Access driver James Duffy won fourth place in the van division.

The state roadeo featured drivers and vehicle maintenance teams from 32 transit agencies across the state. Each driver negotiated eleven driving problems in a transit vehicle within a specific time limit, showcasing their skills in safety, smoothness, and technical proficiency. The vehicle maintenance three-person teams had to complete and repair a transit vehicle engine, transmission, braking system, and identify deficiencies on a transit vehicle in a specific time limit. Winners are eligible for the national competition to be held in September in Texas.

Updated: Sep. 7, 2005