About Metro

Providing innovative services to a growing number of riders

King County Metro Transit is popular locally and admired nationwide for its innovative transit services, pioneering green practices, and visionary approach to meeting the transportation needs of the county’s growing population.

In a service area of more than 2,000 square miles and 2 million residents, Metro operates 214 bus, trolley and Demand Area Response Transit (DART) routes that serve destinations across the county. Every bus is equipped with a bicycle rack and a wheelchair lift.

Transit moves people better

In cities everywhere, transit is the most effective way to move the most people. One full Metro bus carries the same number of people as 60+ cars.


Bus rapid transit serves some of our busiest travel corridors. We launched the last of six lines in June 2014, and ridership is soaring as customers enjoy RapidRide’s fast, frequent service throughout the day.

Access program

For people with disabilities who can’t use regular buses there’s our Access program, which provides door-to-door van service. We provide a number of other services to help customers who have special needs because of disability or age.

VanPool program

The largest publicly owned vanpool program in the nation. With close to 1,400 customer-operated vans on the road, this service gives commuters convenient transportation to their workplaces. All-electric, zero-emission Leaf vehicles are recent additions to the program’s fleet.

Fares & ORCA

Fare payment is easy in the Puget Sound region. Metro is one of seven public transportation agencies participating in the regional fare payment system, ORCA (One Regional Card for All). The ORCA card gives customers the benefits of fast, easy fare payment and seamless regional travel.

Supporting our economy

Nearly 1,600 businesses, schools, and other organizations participate in Metro’s transit pass program. They appreciate the reliable service Metro offers to their employees and students — and the way bus service helps keep traffic congestion in check during the busiest travel times.

Reducing traffic congestion

We also support commuters by maintaining 130 Park & Ride lots that are used by almost 20,000 people daily.

We care about our environment

Metro is committed to sustainable, earth-friendly practices. We have been a leader in using cleaner fuels, developing hybrid articulated buses, and adopting green operations and maintenance practices.