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It's your turn to help build a transit system for the future

March 18, 2015

In 1972 Metro Transit became a reality.

In the 1960s, civic activists envisioned a better bus system for King County. They persisted through numerous unsuccessful attempts to get public approval, and finally, in 1972, voters authorized Metro to build a regional transit system. Months later, Metro Transit became a reality.

Since then, successive generations of visionaries have imagined new transit services and better equipment—and put them in place. Metro introduced articulated buses, provided access for people with disabilities before the ADA required it, bored the first tunnel for both buses and light rail in the U.S., launched the ORCA system, and started RapidRide.

Without the people who kept imagining a better transit system, Metro wouldn't be what it is today.

Now it's your turn. Metro is developing a long-range vision and plan for our future transit system, and I hope you'll participate in the process.

Start by coming to our Visioning Workshop on Tuesday, March 31, 6-8 p.m. in the Seattle Central Library, at 1000 Fourth Ave in downtown Seattle. You can join a small group to share ideas about public transportation and equity, education, the economy, technology, integrating transit modes, or funding. Afterward you'll hear some terrific speakers.

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Reminder: Comment now on Metro, U-Link connections

Link Connections.

Link light rail is coming to Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium in early 2016. Metro and Sound Transit have developed two alternative concepts for how buses could work with light rail, and we’re gathering public comments now through March 31.

The first of three Link Connections Open Houses will be held tomorrow, Thursday, March 19, 6-8 p.m. at Seattle University, Administration Building Room 307 (corner of Madison and Broadway).Two more will be held next week, on the Eastside and in northeast Seattle.

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Transit driver with flowers

Have you thanked your driver lately?

Here's your chance! March 18 is Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

I'm very proud of Metro's drivers—they work hard every day to give you safe, reliable, and friendly service. You can show your appreciation for all they do with a kind word, a smile, or a "thank you."


Kevin Desmond, General Manager
King County Metro Transit

Kevin Desmond

General Manager, King County Metro Transit

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If you live in King County, Metro is your public transit system. I want you to know about our performance, the issues we face, and the innovations we are bringing your way.

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