Financial Stability & Sustainability

Service cuts are coming

This September, 28 Metro bus routes will be deleted and 13 will be revised to match available revenues. The King County Council also approved cutting up to 188,000 more service hours in February 2015, with details to be considered in September.

The Council will consider reductions for June and September 2015 as part of the county’s budget process this fall.

Revised sales tax forecasts, the county’s biennial budget process, and additional work to reduce costs and increase revenue will affect the total size of the service reduction.

We know from our extensive public outreach in 2013 and 2014 that people who rely on Metro will lose service, be inconvenienced, or ride more-crowded buses. We value every one of our customers and will continue to do the best we can to preserve service and get you where you want to go.


County Council adopts September service cuts, more work to do

The King County Council adopted an ordinance on July 21 that cuts 161,000 hours of Metro bus service in September 2014, and approves cuts of up to 188,000 hours for February 2015, with specific routes yet to be determined. More reductions for June and September 2015 will be discussed during Metro’s biennial budget process. Read the ordinance (PDF)

Cities can contract for
Metro bus service

On May 12, King County Executive Dow Constantine announced an enhanced program for cities to buy bus service to avoid transit cuts.