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Sustainability Plan Progress Report
September 2015

2014 summary of achievements and progress meeting goals identified in Metro's Sustainability Plan.

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2014 Strategic Plan Progress Report
June 2015

This annual report lets the public see how Metro is doing on 61 performance measures — safety and security, customer satisfaction, service reliability, cost control, energy efficiency and more.

Overall satisfaction with Metro is high
June 2015

Our annual survey found that nine out of 10 riders are satisfied with Metro—a reversal of the downward trend of the past few years.

2014 RapidRide Performance Evaluation
Published December 2014

An independent consultant evaluated Metro’s six RapidRide lines, and found that the service is meeting or progressing toward its goals.

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2014 Rider Survey
Published April 2015

The 2014 survey uses a robust dual-frame sample (calling both landline and cell-phone numbers) to reach a representative sample of all King County households.

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Getting there together - Transit Integration Report
September 2014

This report details the short and long term initiatives that Metro and Sound Transit are taking to increase coordination of services, customer products, and facilities, providing riders with a seamless transit experience throughout King County.

RapidRide C and D Lines Customers Surveys Final Report
June 2014

For this report, data are compared to survey results conducted in April 2012 on the four routes replaced by RapidRide C and D line.

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