Accountability Center


2013 Strategic Plan Progress Report
June 2014

This annual report lets the public see how Metro is doing on 61 performance measures — safety and security, customer satisfaction, service reliability, cost control, energy efficiency and more.

RapidRide C and D Lines Customers Surveys Final Report
June 2014

For this report, data are compared to survey results conducted in April 2012 on the four routes replaced by RapidRide C and D line.

2013 Rider / Non-Rider Survey
Published June & July 2014

This 2013 survey was based on a random telephone (landline and cell phone) sample of 2,414 King County residents aged 16 and older.

Metro Transit's finances: an overview
February 3, 2014

This paper provides context about Metro's financial situation. It explains where Metro's funding comes from, how the money is spent, what we've done to manage a drop in revenue and preserve service, and the process of planning service reductions in case no new funding becomes available.