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Vanpool Van

Vanpool Van

Some people live or work in areas where buses are not convenient. So they use Metro VanPools to save time and money. People save time by using the HOV (carpool) lanes and they save money by sharing a ride with many other people. Riding in vanpools is also good for the environment because fewer cars are on the road and that means less pollution.

Many companies cannot create enough parking spaces for all the people who work for them. So people who commute to work in vanpools help to save on space for parking. Some of these people could not even get to work if it wasn't for Metro VanPools, so being in a vanpool is a really good deal for them.

  • Quantity: 700
  • Seats: 8, 12, 15 passengers
  • Length: 15 ft., 16-1/2 ft., 19 ft.
  • Special Features:
    Cruise control
    Reading lights

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Updated: Sep. 9, 2002