Advertising on Buses

Metro offers exterior bus cards and wrapped media bus advertising programs.

Whatever your promotional needs are, let Metro's buses do the advertising work for you. Advertising on Metro is the cost-efficient way to deliver your advertising message to the masses in a way that simply can't be ignored.

The many benefits of advertising on Metro

  • The Right Audience: Transit Advertising brings your message to the most populated and desirable areas in the market — including many areas where billboards are heavily restricted.  Ads on buses reach more of the Seattle market than those on billboards.
  • Amazing Value: Our bus ads cost less than most other advertising mediums, including television, radio, billboards and newspapers.  You will reach the largest audience for the least cost.  Transit advertising has the lowest Cost-Per-Thousand impressions.
  • Timing is Everything: Transit ads reach people when they're most ready to respond or make a purchase, such as when they're travelling or shopping.
  • Constant Exposure: Your ad will be seen 16 hours a day, every day and you'll reach a captive audience of motorists and pedestrians. Seattle's well-known stopped and slow moving traffic increase your exposure time, giving you a larger audience than ever before.
  • Get Noticed: With their bold text and larger-than-life graphics, transit ads are naturally suited to reinforcing the core awareness of your brand.
  • Add a Mobile Tags & Create a Call to Action: Transform your ad into an interactive experience! Get an instant response by adding a mobile tag, such as a QR Tag or MS Tag, to create a call to action for your campaign.

King County Metro Transit's Advertising Policy (dated December 27, 2018)

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Examples of Metro bus advertising

Bus advertising sample 1
Tail Display
Bus advertising sample 2
Fullback Display
Bus advertising sample 3
Fullback Display
Bus advertising sample 4
Full Wrap Display
Bus advertising sample 5
Station Domination
Bus advertising sample 6
Station Domination
Bus advertising sample 7
Station Domination
Bus advertising sample 8
Station Domination
Bus advertising sample 9
King Display
Bus advertising sample 10
Station Domination & King Display
Bus advertising sample 11
King Display
Bus advertising sample 12
Full Wrap Display

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Updated: January 30, 2019