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Access Van

Access Van

Access Transportation van service is for people who are unable to ride a regularly Metro bus because of a disability. Many people need special help to get where they want to go. They may be an elderly person who is not able to walk several blocks to a bus, or to transfer from one bus to another. Maybe they were injured in an accident and need a wheelchair to get around. Or they might have been born with a condition that makes it difficult to understand how to get to different places on the bus.

People can ride Access Transportation to get wherever they need to go -- as long as it is during times and places that regular Metro buses run. It doesn't matter why they need the trip. Access Transportation takes people to work, to grocery stores and medical offices, to visit friends, to concerts -- wherever they need to go. There were close to 1,000,000 rides taken on Access vans in 1998.

  • Quantity: 280 vans
  • Seats: All vans have 5+ seats and can carry 2 to 4 wheelchairs
  • Length(s): Ranges from 18 to 25 feet
  • Special Features
    Grab bars, lifts and space for wheelchairs
    Communications radios

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Updated: Sep. 9, 2002