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Gillig Standard Diesel Bus

Gillig Bus

Metro introduced new exterior and interior colors with the delivery of the Gillig standard diesel buses, which began June 1996. Designers and artists created the exterior scheme, which combines a yellow lower body with either a teal, blue or green upper body. This design is set off with black reflective tape.

The interior received new seats, upholstery, flooring, and melamine colors. windows are now tinted to reduce heat in the summer, and the sash is black anodized to complement the new color scheme.

New flip-dot signage is easier to read.

  • Manufacturer: Gillig
  • Fleet Numbers: 40 ft 3200-3594; 35 ft 3185-3199
  • Quantity: 40 ft 395 buses; 35 ft 15 buses
  • Seats: 40 ft 42 passengers; 35 ft 34 passengers
  • Length: 40 ft and 35 ft
  • Year: 40 ft 1996-1999; 35 ft 1997
Updated: Sep. 9, 2002