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Metro's Recommendation (archive)

This page details an earlier version of Metro’s proposal to change bus service after Link comes to Capitol Hill and the University District. For the most current information, please see "Adopted Changes".

In August 2015, the King County Executive recommended the service changes detailed below to the King County Council for consideration. The recommendation was shaped using some 16,000 comments received over three phases of outreach between November 2014 and May 2015.

How riders will benefit from the proposed bus changes

See the proposed changes (as of August 2015)

Changes by area

Changes by route

Choose a route to get information about what would happen under the proposal.

New routes:

Revised routes:

Deleted routes:

  • 25

    Why delete Route 25?

    Route 25 has low ridership. Metro proposes to delete it and use its resources to improve service in areas with more riders.

    Rider options

  • 30

    Why delete Route 30?

    Route 30 has low ridership. Metro recommends deleting it and using its resources to improve service in areas with more riders.

    Rider options

  • 43

    Why delete Route 43?

    To reduce duplication.

    Rider options

    • Along 23rd Avenue E and 24th Avenue E, use Route 12 or revised Route 48, both of which would have more service than they do today.
    • Along E Thomas Street and E John Street, use revised routes 8, 10, 11 or 12.
    • On Pike Street and Pine Street, use revised routes 10, 11, 47, or 49.
  • 68

    Why delete Route 68?

    To reduce duplication.

    Rider options

  • 71

    Why delete Route 71?

    To reduce duplication and improve reliability.

    Rider options

  • 72

    Why delete Route 72?

    To reduce duplication and improve reliability.

    Rider Options

  • 242

    Why delete Route 242?

    To reduce duplication.

    Rider Options

Explore changes using an interactive map

Laptop with interactive map on the screen

Use our interactive map to see how the recommended service would look at different times of day and compare it with current service.

Open the map

View a presentation

Watch videos

Note: Sound Transit will share their recommended service changes later this fall on their project website.

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