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Sounding Board

Community members gather to discuss service change concepts and proposals

For this project, we appointed a Sounding Board of community members to advise Metro about service change concepts and proposals as well as our community outreach process.

The board's membership is representative of those who will be affected by Metro's service changes after Link comes to Capitol Hill and the University of Washington.

Sounding Board members participated in public meetings and outreach events to hear from the local community and talk about Metro's and Sound Transit's concepts for integrating bus service with Link.

They helped us identify and prioritize transit service needs, examine inefficiencies in current service, evaluate tradeoffs given existing resources, and develop recommendations focused on the areas around the new Link stations on Capitol Hill and at Husky Stadium.

Sounding Board recommendation

The Sounding Board delivered a report documenting its findings and recommendations to Metro's General Manager. That report was presented to the King County Executive and the King County Council along with Metro's recommendation for changing bus service after Link is extended to Husky Stadium.

Read the Sound Board's recommendation »

Sounding Board members

  • Jeff Altman
  • Scott Bonjukian
  • Mitchell Brown
  • Mel Burchett
  • Roger Chao
  • Jennifer Connors
  • Erin David
  • Eric Feiveson
  • Anna Fun
  • Richard Fuhr
  • Duane Gerstenberger
  • Nik Gordon
  • Brie Gyncild
  • Richard Harrell
  • Joy Jacobson
  • Andrew Martin
  • Angela U. Nunez
  • Sean Peterfreund
  • Zach Shaner
  • Erin Tighe
  • David Wiggins

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Community Relations Planner
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