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Information and resources will be posted here to provide information to anyone who is interested in knowing more about the Long-Range Plan. New information will be posted here as we move through the planning process.

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Visioning Workshop Videos

Watch video clips from the March 31, 2015 Visioning Event:

March 31, 2015
Jarrett Walker, author of Human Transit, talks about the need to work with the facts about transit in order to implement your values about transit.
March 31, 2015
Mark Hallenbeck, local transit visionary, discusses how we can help our region grow in good ways.
March 31, 2015
Rebecca Saldaña of Puget Sound Sage said that we must address social equity, along with our economic and environmental goals to create communities where everyone thrives.
  • Download the notes from the March 31st Visioning Event.
  • Jarret Walker

    Jarret talks about the need to work with the facts about transit in order to implement your values about transit.

    Metro's Long-Range Transit Plan

    Join us in planning a future public transportation system that gets you where you want to go — easier and faster.

    2013 Strategic Plan Progress Report
    June 2014

    This annual report lets the public see how Metro is doing on 61 performance measures — safety and security, customer satisfaction, service reliability, cost control, energy efficiency and more.

    PDF   |   Web Page
    Service Guidelines Report
    October 2014

    The Service Guidelines are an important part of Metro's strategic plan. Metro revises bus service three times each year, and we use the guidelines as we develop proposals to reduce, add, or change service.

    PDF   |   Flip Book   |   Web Page
    Strategic Plan for Public Transportation 2011-2021
    Updated 2013

    This report describes a vision for the future of King County's public transportation system and sets objectives, goals, and strategies for getting there.

    PDF   |   Flip Book   |   Web Page
    Past Plans

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