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Metros 'Driver of the Year' went from blackboard to blacktop

In 1974, Judi Fisher had a bachelors degree in French, a masters in Romance Linguistics, and absolutely no prospects for the teaching job she wanted. So, she took a job driving a Metro bus. Now 29 years later, shes still behind the wheel a favorite with passengers and with her fellow drivers who just named Fisher Metros Operator of the Year for 2002.

"Judi demonstrates exceptional customer service and has an exemplary commitment to public transit," said Metros General Manager Rick Walsh. "Passengers praise her for her safe driving, and her ability to handle any situation on her bus with calm and grace."

The training Fisher received for a teaching career has served her well as a bus driver. Passengers say she always shares the road with other vehicles and bicycles; is patient with first-time bus riders; and is great with kids even the ones who act up in the back of her bus.

Fisher has a 16-year safe driving record as a bus driver, and in the past eight years has garnered more than a dozen commendations from the public. She currently drives Route 74 between Sandpoint and Seattle Center.

"Last year, Judi received a formal commendation from the entire staff of Nathan Hale High School," said Walsh. "They said she had a significant impact on kids at Nathan Hale who rode public transportation to and from school on her bus."

Fisher has also served her fellow drivers as a union shop steward, and was instrumental in getting the membership the right to hold shop steward elections.

In her spare time, Fisher volunteers with cancer patients, travels, gardens, and relaxes on her boat. She has also been involved in recreational jazz dancing for more than 20 years. She is a resident of Greenlake.

In October 2002, Fisher was selected Operator of the Month at North Base, where she is assigned. It was her second such award.

"Judi is highly regarded and appreciated for her outstanding work," said North Base Supervisor Harold Mann. "She is a wonderful representative of the quality drivers we have at Metro."