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The 2000 Operator of the Year is Kay Uhren

Kay Uhren Driver with a "polite, friendly and helpful" attitude toward her customers.

Kay Uhren began her career with Metro Transit in November 1975 as a full-time operator and has been driving like crazy ever since. She has numerous commendations from her customers and co-workers recognizing her generous, upbeat spirit and her willingness to dig in and help out. Kay also boasts a 20-year Safe Driving Award.

While out on the road, Kay has made many friends. Her commendations, without exception, describe her as polite, friendly and helpful. Here is a sampling of the many commendations she has earned:

"This driver is considerate and polite. The customer carpools and sometimes runs late; this driver will look out for the customer and wait if the customer is in sight."

"The customer appreciates how nice, friendly and smiling this driver is. It really does make a difference."

"This driver always has something nice to say to everyone who boards her bus. She always waits for the elderly to get seated. It is a pleasure to ride with her."

She has spent most of her career at East Base where she is a well-known and well-liked "old timer." Kay has served for many years on the East Base Activities Committee helping decorate the Base, cook and serve food to her fellow operators.

Kay was born in Fort Riley, Kansas and attended 14 different schools throughout the United States. She feels she had a great upbringing. She has two brothers and a sister who also live in Washington. Kay admits to being a tomboy all her life and still enjoys keeping active outdoors, riding horses and playing baseball.

In October 2000 Kay was selected as Operator of the Month from East Base, and was voted Operator of the Year in balloting by all of the Operators of the Month for 2000.

Operator Kay Uhren is appreciated for her work over the years and is a fine representative of King County Metro Transit as its first Operator of the Year for the 21st Century.

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