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Metro Bus Operator of the Year 2000:
A friend on the road

Executive Sims congratulates Kay Uhren King County Executive Ron Sims congratulates Kay Uhren as Metro's Operator of the Year for 2000.

King County Metros top bus operator for 2000 is a driver with all the skills you would expect years of experience, two decades of safe driving, and an in-depth knowledge of transit operations. But the word most of her customers and co-workers use to describe her is: "friend."

Kay Uhren was honored today as Metros Bus Operator of the Year for 2000 in ceremonies at the East Base in Bellevue. The Eastside resident has been driving for Metro for more than 25 years, and currently drives a route in South Bellevue.

"Kay is a good person who goes out of her way to give you a hand," said East Base Supervisor Curtis Robinson. "Ambassador is a very good title for her."

"To be recognized as Operator of the Year in a system as big as Metro shows that Kay Uhren is an extraordinary individual," said King County Executive Ron Sims, who spoke at the ceremonies today. "She provides the best of the best when it comes to customer service for transit riders."

Uhren has stacks of commendations from customers and co-workers. Customers praise her for being friendly and helpful.

"always has something nice to say to everyone that boards her bus," wrote one rider. "She always waits for the elderly to get seated. It is a pleasure to ride with her."

Her co-workers appreciate the way Uhren looks out for everyone at East Base. Her supervisor said Uhren serves on numerous committees, and is frequently the mastermind behind special activities at the base.