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Restructuring transit service in Renton

The new RapidRide F Line is scheduled to begin service in June 2014 between Renton and Burien, replacing Route 140. In order to make the transit system more efficient, Metro will change other bus routes in Renton at the same time.

RapidRide F Line

The F Line will connect Burien, SeaTac, Tukwila, and Renton (view map – 390KB PDF) with frequent service seven days a week. It will come every 10 minutes during peak commute hours, and will run later into the evening—and more frequently on weekends—than existing Route 140.

The King County Council has adopted changes Metro recmomended after taking into account feedback received from the public last fall and in early 2013.

  • Route 140 will be extended to serve The Landing beginning in September 2013. In June 2014, Route 140 will be discontinued and replaced with the RapidRide F Line.
  • Route 110 will be discontinued in June 2014 when F Line service begins.
  • Route 155 will be converted to DART service in September of 2013.
  • Route 909 will be rerouted to operate further east on NE Seventh Street.

These changes will serve the most riders and improve the efficiency of the transit system in Renton. Reorganizing some routes allows us to invest resources in areas with higher ridership demand and high potential for growth – and make better use of taxpayer resources.

Construction has begun on F Line facilities – such as new stops and stations, fiber optics for real-time information signs, and transit signal priority improvements. Until service change information is available on Metro Online, you can stay informed about this project by reading Renton Restructure posts on our blog.

What changes have been approved?

Routes 110 and 140 will be replaced with service on the new RapidRide F Line

In two phases of public outreach, Metro asked riders how they would feel about the potential deletion of Route 110, which would be offset by extending the RapidRide F Line to The Landing. A strong majority said they liked or could accept this change, which would reduce duplication and allow Metro to provide service on the F Line that better meets the needs of more riders. So Metro recommended that this change be made when we launch the RapidRide F Line in June 2014.

The F Line will provide all-day, two-way service on a path similar to that of Route 110 between the Sounder Tukwila Station and the Renton Transit Center. The F Line will offer service every 10 minutes during peak hours, keeping wait times short at the Tukwila Sounder Station. The F Line’s articulated 60-foot buses will hold more riders, and travel times for most riders should be similar to what they have now on Route 110.

Since the start of the F Line has been delayed, Metro recommended that Route 140 be extended to The Landing starting in September 2013. Since some parts of Route 140 are not the same as Route 110, Route 110 will not be discontinued until June 2014, when F Line service begins.

The main part of current Route 110 that would not be served by the F Line is along Park Avenue N. Riders traveling to and from this area would be able to transfer to routes 240, 342, 560, and 566 at the Renton Transit Center, or they could walk from nearby F Line stops. Vanpools are another option for connecting from the Sounder Tukwila Station and Renton Transit Center to businesses along Park Avenue N.

This change will allow us to distribute service more effectively by reinvesting resources from a peak-hour-only route (current Route 110) into all-day service with higher ridership (the F Line).

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Route 155 will be converted to DART (a combination of fixed-route and DART) service and renamed as Route 906

In two phases of public engagement, Metro asked riders how they would feel about the potential conversion of Route 155 to a combination of fixed-route and DART service. A strong majority told us they liked or could accept this change, so Metro recommended it to the King County Council.

DART service offers variable routing in certain areas for customers who call in advance to reserve pick-up and drop-off locations and times. Beginning in September 2013, the new Route 906 will keep the 55’s current routing between Southcenter and Fairwood, and its schedule during peak hours. During off-peak hours and on Saturdays, it will keep its current routing between Fairwood Center (140th Avenue SE/SE 177th Street) and Southcenter, and provide service on request only to the area east of Fairwood Center. Service will be provided with a Metro DART van rather than a standard bus.

Riders will be able to request pick-up within the variable-service area by calling the DART reservation office at least two hours before the requested pick-up time. Pick-up reservations can be made for 30 days at a time, up to 30 days in advance, and reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Eastbound passengers can also ask their drivers to continue beyond Fairwood Center to let them off if they are traveling to a destination in the variable-service area.

Riders should use the Trip Planner and/or call the DART reservation office (voice: 1-866-261-DART(3278), TTY: 1-800-246-1646) several days before the service change if they’d like assistance understanding this new service or to make reservations for regularly scheduled trips.

This change will allow us to use resources more effectively by matching service to demand.

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Changes to Route 909

Beginning in September 2013, Route 909 will operate further east on NE 7th Street to Monroe Avenue NE, NE 10th Street, and Sunset Boulevard NE, in order to provide better access to the Renton Housing Authority office and Renton Technical College.

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Why make these changes?

Metro has worked with the City of Renton and other regional partners to identify a source for long-term sustainable funding to provide more transit service. In the short term, we’ve worked with Renton to secure state Regional Mobility Grant funds to support—at least temporarily—an extension of the F Line to The Landing.

This extension will serve Boeing and Kenworth/Paccar as well as The Landing, a 46-acre urban village with more than 800 housing units and more than 50 stores. This area is home to more than 9,000 jobs, and Boeing is hiring more employees in 2013. Residential communities in North Renton and along Lake Washington Boulevard will also benefit from this enhanced service. After four years, we estimate that this north extension of the F Line will serve an additional 1,500 daily rides.

We’ve also taken a comprehensive look at transit service in communities near the F Line for opportunities to make the network more efficient (as defined in our service guidelines and service performance criteria). Based on productivity analysis and route characteristics and usage, we’ve identified routes in these communities that have low ridership, that duplicate other service, or that are inefficient.

Based on these findings, as well as on feedback received from the public during our first phase of outreach in fall 2012, we are making changes to three routes in conjunction with the F Line rollout.


  • November-December 2012—Metro collects public feedback about first concepts for changing bus service. (Done.)
  • January-February 2013—Based on public feedback and continued analysis, Metro proposes route revisions for a second round of public feedback.
  • March 2013—Metro uses this second round of public feedback to finalize its recommendation to the King County Council.
  • April-May 2013—The King County Council considers Metro’s recommended changes and may provide additional opportunities for public comment.
  • September 2013—Route 140 is extended to serve The Landing, and routes 155 and 909 (DART) are changed.
  • June 2014—F Line service is scheduled to begin, and Route 110 is discontinued.

Public involvement

Metro sought input on these changes in two phases. The first phase began in mid-November of 2012 and lasted through Dec. 7, 2012. We invited the community to provide feedback on the concepts under consideration via an online survey, by attending an open house, or directly by phone or email.

Metro also reached out directly to transit-dependent populations at local events that were open to the public.

Phase two began on Feb. 1, 2013 and lasted until Feb. 15, 2013. Metro staff members boarded buses to hand out information and surveys to riders of Route 110 and Route 155. They also posted information at stops in areas affected by the proposed changes to all three routes, and solicited feedback from the general public and riders via an online survey.

Read the full public engagement report to learn more about how the public was involved and what they had to say about these changes.

中文 (Chinese)


Metro 提議在倫敦的公共汽車服務做以下三種更改:

  1. 停止運行110路線。
  2. 更改在倫敦Highlands 區域的909路線,以服務倫敦技術學院和倫敦房屋暑。
  3. 將155路線改爲在Fairwood區域的撥打電話預約運輸服務。

如需了解更多信息或用您的母語提出評論,請撥打206-263-8874 或發電子郵件致 haveasay@kingcounty.gov.

Русский (Russian)

Предполагаемые изменения в работе автобусных маршрутов в Рентоне

Компания Metro предлагает сделать следующие три изменения в работе автобусных мартшрутов в Рентоне:

  1. Прекратить движение маршрута номер 110.
  2. Изменить маршрут номер 909 проходящего в районе Renton Highlands так, чтобы он обслуживал районы Технического Колледжа Рентона (Renton Technical College) и Жилищное Управление Рентона (Renton Housing Authority).
  3. Изменить маршрут номер 155 на маршрут вызова-по-телефону (DART) в районе Fairwood.

Для более подробной информации или для того чтобы оставить комментарии на вашем родном языке, пожалуйста, звоните по телефону 206-296-0851 или пишите на электронный адрес haveasay@kingcounty.gov.

Soomaali (Somali)

Isbedello loo jeediyay adeegyada basaska Renton

Metro wuxuu soo jeedinayaa inuu sedex isbedel ku sameeyo adeegyada basaska Renton:

  1. In la joojiyo wadada 110.
  2. In wax laga bedelo wadada 909 ee marta Renton Highlands si loogu adeego Renton Technical College iyo Renton Housing Authority.
  3. In wadada 155 laga dhigo adeega “Demand Area Response Transit (DART)” oo ka shaqeeya aaga Fairwood.

Si aad wax dheeraada uga ogaatid ama faahfaahin afkaaga ah uga bixisid, fadlan wac 206-296-0850 ama iimeelgaree haveasay@kingcounty.gov.

Español (Spanish)

Cambios propuestos en el servicio de autobús en Renton

Metro propone hacer tres cambios al servicio de autobuses en Renton:

  1. Cancelar la Ruta 110.
  2. Modificar la Ruta 909 en Renton Highlands para servir el Renton Technical College y la Autoridad de Vivienda de Renton.
  3. Convertir la Ruta 155 al servicio de tránsito Demand Area Response Transit (DART) en el área de Fairwood.

Para más información, o para hacer comentarios en su idioma, llame al 206-263-9988 o escriba a haveasay@kingcounty.gov.

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Những thay đổi được đề xuất cho dịch vụ xe bus ở Renton

Metro đang đề nghị ba sự thay đổi cho dịch vụ xe bus tại Renton:

  1. Ngưng Tuyến 110.
  2. Điều Tuyến 909 ở khu Renton Highlands tới để phục vụ cho khu Renton Technical College (trường Cao Đẳng Kỹ Thuật Renton) và Renton Housing Authority (Nha Thẩm Quyền về Nhà Cửa cho dân cư ở Renton).
  3. Đổi Tuyến 155 thành tuyến Demand Area Response Transit - (DART) trong khu vực Fairwood (dịch vụ gọi xin xe chở đi nhà thương, cho cuộc hẹn với bác sĩ, v.v. để cùng đi chung với những người gặp khó khăn khác vì không đi được với các chuyến xe bus thông thường vì nhiều lý do sức khỏe hoặc giới hạn).

Để tìm hiểu thêm hoặc cho ý kiến đóng góp phê bình bằng ngôn ngữ riêng của quý vị, xin vui lòng gọi 206-263-9674 hay email haveasay@kingcounty.gov.

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