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The 2007 Co-Operator of the Year Richard L. Boehmer

photo of Richard L. Boehmer

Richard L. Boehmer is Co-Operator of the Year with Nathanael Chappelle

Richard Boehmer was born in Kalispell, Montana in August 1944, He was raised in Spokane, where he lived with his parents and three brothers until his mother's death in 1957. The family then moved to Mercer Island. He enjoys visiting family and friends in Montana as often as possible and hopes to retire there some day.

Richard served in the Marine Corps, and worked as a beer and wine salesman. He began working for Metro in May 1979, his wife says just to have some money while looking for "a real job."

He has 29 years of exceptional service to Metro, 26 years of Safe Driving and numerous commendations. He received the George Turner Award for the second quarter of 2007. This award recognizes operators who best exemplify a positive attitude and keen awareness of the elderly and disabled in our communities. While operating from Bellevue Base Richard received a commendation for frequently assisting in the boarding of an elderly gentleman in a wheel chair accompanied by an attendant. The attendant commented on Richards's sincere caring attention for this customer and his gentleness in providing service. The caller said, "He made the whole process very easy."

Richard's motto is to "always provide the best service possible, be helpful and courteous to all customers and be a role model for union brothers and sisters." Richard has served on the Base Safety Awareness Team, Base Activities Committee and the Bus Procurement Team.

He and his wife Katie have two sons, Matt and Kyle. Family is his first priority. He loves spending time working in the garden with Katie. He has restored muscle cars with his sons. He collects firearms, western nostalgia and historic military objects. Richard's sense of humor and friendliness are known and appreciated by all that come in contact with him.

He was selected as the Operator of the Month in May 2000 at East Base and was honored again in December 2007 while working at Bellevue Base. He was selected Co-Operator of the Year in balloting by all the Operators of the Month for 2007.

Updated: Aug. 11, 2008