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The 1999 Operator of the Year is Terry Christoe

Terry Christoe In 40 years as a professional transit operator, Terry Christoe has seen Seattle Transit become Metro Transit and then King County Metro Transit, but he has never wavered in his commitment to safely serve his customers. In addition to his 35-year safe driving record, Terry is one of the system's friendliest drivers. Customer commendations reflect passenger comments about Terry's being a friendly, outgoing driver. He is known to "make friends" of all his customers, and he is loved by people "from eight to eighty". Children send their school pictures; parents write letters of commendation; supervisors remark about his kind, gentle demeanor, and one is easily taken in by the huge smile he displays when he greets you.

At Metro, Terry is known around the system because of his career longevity as well. He has been named Operator of the Month three times in his career: in December 1984 at Mercer Base, then in November 1991 at South Base and again at South Base in February, 1999. Terry is also a member of Transit Safety's Accident Review Board. He is dependable in all areas of his job performance and can be called upon at a moment's notice to serve on the Accident Review Panel. Terry is respected for his fairness in assessing accidents, and is willing to offer help to operators who have problems with their driving.

His wife speaks affectionately about the many stories he has shared with her through the years about his work as a transit operator. She especially enjoys listening as he shares his stories with his bus-driving peers. Recently, he told her the story about the "cute little girl with the 'Gary Payton smile'." Not long after, the little girl gave him her school photo with, "Thank you, Mr. Bus Driver for being so nice" to her mother and herself, and closed with "You silly goose."

Operator Terry Christoe is appreciated for his work over the years and is a fine representative of King County Metro Transit as its last Operator of the Year for the 20th Century.

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