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The 1998 Operator of the Year is Wayne Daubenspeck

Wayne Daubenspeck Wayne applied for a transit operator job because his brother was already working for Seattle Transit. Wayne qualified as a full-time operator on December 14, 1968, almost one year to the day after his brother started. A Roseburg, Oregon native, Wayne grew up in Philomath, near Corvallis. Wayne came to Seattle from Springfield, Oregon, where he was a school bus driver for five years.

Wayne has maintained an excellent record, and earned a 28-year Safe Driving Award. He has many commendations, including a letter from a passenger who stated: "In 33 years of riding buses in Seattle, I have never ridden with an operator who was as nice and courteous as Wayne." This sentiment was echoed by many others who said they felt the same way.

In his spare time, Wayne enjoys traveling. He also collects antiques and old cars. Included in the list of ten cars he owns are a Chrysler Imperial; a Ford Model A; a Nash Metropolitan (in perfect condition); and a 1947 Chrysler Coupe. His antique collection includes a grandfather clock made in 1736.

Operator Daubenspeck was selected as Operator of the Month in June 1997 at Ryerson Base.