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The 1997 Co-Operators of the Year are
Beth Beyer & Don Brady

Beth Beyer

Beth Beyer

Beth Beyer was the eighth woman to be hired as a transit operator when she started with Metro in May 1973. She has been the #1 woman in operator seniority since 1987.

Throughout her career, Beth has received over 130 commendations. Her customers describe her as being "friendly, helpful, polite, cheerful, courteousand just plain nice."

Beth graduated from Ballard High School and attended Shoreline Community College. Before beginning her career as a transit operator, she worked for the I.R.S. and the U.S. Post Office.

Beth's passion outside of work is gardening. Her husband, Bob, is retired. When it's Beth's turn to retire, they plan on moving to a home they are building in Whatcom County.

Beth has been selected Operator of the Month three times: July 1980 at Central Base; April 1987 at Central Base; and June 1996 at Ryerson.

Don Brady

Don Brady

On October 31st, Don Brady will begin his thirtieth year as a transit operator. Since that beginning with Seattle Transit, he has earned a 26-year Safe Driving Award and won several driving competitions.

Don has taken first place several times in Metro's Roadeo, as well as winning several Regional Invitationals. And twice, first in 1987, then again in 1995, Don was named the International Bus Roadeo Champion in competition sponsored by the American Public Transit Association.

Don is a Seattle native, growing up in the Yakima and Seattle areas. He graduated from Ballard High School. He worked as a truck driver in the military and then for a local delivery company.

Don 's hobbies include fishing, bowling and traveling. He and his wife, Shirley, enjoy traveling to the various cities where Don has competed in Roadeo competitions. Last year Don was invited to Atlanta to drive a bus during the Centennial Olympic Games.

Don has twice been selected as Operator of the Month: January 1982 at North (Mercer) Base; and May 1996 at North Base.