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The 1996 Operator of the Year is John Helm

John Helm

On March 7th of this year, John Helm celebrated his 28th anniversary as a transit operator. During his career with Metro, he has maintained an excellent record. John has earned a 23-year Safe Driving Award and 32 commendations.

Many of those commendations describe John as "considerate, informative, pleasant and professional." John also was previously selected Operator of the Month in 1982.

John grew up on a farm on the border between Kansas and Nebraska. He came to Seattle after leaving the armed services and applied to be a bus driver on a neighbor's suggestion. John has four grown children and one grandson and is a dedicated family man. In his spare time, John enjoys gardening and traveling in his motorhome.

In May 1995 John was voted East Base Operator of the Month and thus became eligible for Operator of the Year.