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The 1992 Operator of the Year is Al Ramey

Al Ramey

Al is a 40-year transit veteran. Hired by Seattle Transit in 1952, he later worked for Suburban Transportation Service, which became Metropolitan. Some of his first routes were the Seattle to Des Moines and Seattle to Edmonds runs. He currently works out of South Base, driving Route 194.

Al and his wife Ruth are long-time residents of the Burien area, where Al has an impressive record of community service. He was named Man of the Year in 1975 by the Burien Chamber of Commerce for his work in establishing the Burien Fourth of July Celebration.

Many of Al's varied interests and hobbies are the result of his experiences in the Merchant Marine and as a carnival worker, before he entered the transit business. He maintains memberships in numerous organizations, from tramway museums in England, to music box societies, to barbershop quartets. He collects parts for repairing calliopes, music boxes, nickelodeons, player pianos and organs. One of his favorite activities is hosting an annual reunion of retired Metropolitan and Suburban drivers.

Al has a 29-year safe driving record and has received more than 30 commendations from customers. His focus is always on service and his exceptional driving skills and customer rapport put him in a class by himself. As one customer put it, "He's wonderful. Everyone likes him. He always smiles. He knows the regular riders and makes the trip pleasant. He's just the best." We couldn't agree more!