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The 1988 Operator of the Year is Les Carman

Les Carman

Les Carman has been providing King County residents with outstanding service for over 31 years. Les' safe driving, courteous service, and friendly demeanor have earned him the respect and admiration of his customers and fellow employees.

Les was East Base's Operator of the month in April 1984 and in October 1987. He has over 20 commendations in his file from customers and supervisors.

Les has a 21-year safe driving record.

Les is a retired Chief Radioman in the U.S. Naval Reserves. Back in 1972, he was called to duty aboard the USS Ticonderoga where he participated in the Apollo Recovery Mission - just goes to show that Les will go to any lengths to pick up a passenger.

Les and JoAnn have been married 30 years this November. They have four children and are planning an ocean cruise (without the children) to celebrate their anniversary.

Les is a consistent top performer. In every key performance area - safety, reliability, customer service and satisfaction - Les is always 100%.