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The 1987 Operator of the Year is John Van Dyke

John Van Dyke

John recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with Seattle Transit and Metro. In 1962 he left a promising career as a "herd smoker" with a packing company to join Seattle Transit. Since joining Metro, he has achieved a 20-year safe driving record and accumulated many commendations along the way:

John was selected Central Base Operator of the Month twice, first in February 1981, then in August 1986.

John has been the regular operator for Central Park for the past ten years. Center Park commended his "good humor and personal interest in each passenger...which cheers our days and makes our evenings fun. John converses easily with the passengers which brighten their day, and not only works out all reasonable requests but goes beyond that to meet needs when possible."

John has, on his own time, taken the Center Park people out for an evening, bit it Tillicum Village and the salmon feast, Mariner baseball games, or dinner at some of Seattle's better restaurants. At one time, "on his own initiative he made arrangements to drive a number of persons to Olympia to participate in events that were of special interest to the disabled community.

The Coordinator's Office commended him, saying, "John takes great interest in his passengers, not only during his work hours but on his own time as well. An excellent operator at tall times. A pleasure to work with."

Most people's attitude about John can be summed up by one commendation. "I am impressed with this man, he generates a feeling of cheerfulness and love of life that makes a routine bus ride an enjoyable an rich experience."