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2001 Poetry on Buses Competition

One to One: Points of Contact

Applicants were asked to create poems that related to the theme One to One: Points of Contact. They were asked to tell a poets story of a personal encounter, chance meeting, casual or lifelong relationship. Record in words their connection to others, sharing one to one, points of contact.

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The 2001 Poets

Reliance, South Dakota, March 1987
Leslie Basel

For Lisa, Housekeeper, A-frame #29, La Push
Ann Batchelor Hursey

We've never been to France
Ann Batchelor Hursey

How does it feel
Nicki Blake

Laurie Blauner

Night and Day
Laurie Blauner

Cathy, Midsømmer
Michael Bonacci

Paul at Discovery Park
Michael Bonacci

My Mother-in-Law is in Bed
Denise Calvetti Michaels

Bedding Planes, Zion Canyon
Sharon Carter

Cradle for J.F.C. 1921-1999
Sharon Carter

Susan Casey

Ben Chapman

lifting the head of buddha out of his box
Alan Chong Lau

Caladiums - for Mother
Linda Clifton

The Blue Room
Kristin Dahlquist

Riding the 519 home from swimming lessons
John Daynes

Astronomer for Liberal Arts Majors
Leana de la Torre

Apparition on 15th NW
Madeline DeFrees

If at the museum
Christine Eisen

Teapot Tears
Roberta Feins

The Florist
Jamie FitzGerald

The Day I meet Myself and Me
Alex Flenniken

A Patient
Norman Goodwin

7 miles each way by kayak
Adriana Grant

Bird Songs
David Gravender

A Book's Girl
Kate Hegarty

Broken Sonnet
Catharine Hoffman Beyer

Leaving Home Again
Catharine Hoffman Beyer

Almost Nine
Rosie Hower

Phebe Jewell

Genevieve Johnson

Kara Larson

Night Drive
Spencer Lennox-Purcell

Dawn at Alki
Tobin Marsh

Morning After Dinner with Charlie
Marilyn Meyer

November, Out of State
Erin Jane Miller

At Clancy's Fruit Stand, Wenatchee, Washington
Kevin Miller

Anniversary: Four Plus Change
Kevin Miller

Elegy for Frank
Paul Nelson

Mountain Widow
Melanie Noel

Yakubu and Nancy
Janet Norman Knox

Will You Remember?
Eilis O'Neil

The Beautiful Box is Empty
Peter Pereira

Senseless Beauty
Peter Pereira

Lee Auditorium, Central Public Library, Seattle, WA, March 3rd, 1994
Steve Potter

Janice Price

Living Will
Catherine Reynolds

Dawn Rhodes

For Nasser
Susan Rich

Fatu's Cooking
Kelly Riggle Hower

O, Thou Small Opening, O
Darby Ringer

Good Morning
Marjorie Rommel

What I've Learned From the Sea
Kelli Russell Agodon

Kelli Russell Agodon

Carmelita Licks A Stamp
Tamara Kaye Sellman

In the Arab Quarter
Liza Shoenfeld

Eugene's Footprints
Gerri Williams

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
Gary Winans

Earth Day 2001
Gary Winans

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