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Recycling Program

Long-associated with providing environmentally-friendly transportation alternatives, Metro Transit also has a long history of conserving natural resources other than gasoline. These efforts gained new focus in 1995 with the creation of a position dedicated to waste management and recycling. Since this time, Transit's recycling program has grown from a scattered collection of scrap metal bins to an organized program including over 25 different materials.

Today this program relies upon and benefits from the actions of all of Transit's employees, from the bus drivers who collect newspapers during layovers to the crews who clean out the buses at night. From the office personnel who re-use file folders and binders to the custodial staff who take out the deskside recycling containers. Combined with the actions of other King County employees, these actions have helped the County enter the EPA WasteWise Hall of Fame in recognition of its continued recycling efforts.

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In addition to recycling used items, Transit also takes part in King County's Environmental Purchasing Program. Through this program the County pools its purchasing power in order to purchase items that are more environmentally friendly. Good examples of this method put into practice include high recycled-content paper, re-refined motor oil and flatbed truck bedding made out of recycled tires. It is the hope of this program that more markets might be opened to environmentally-preferable products thanks to the ability of the County to buy in large quantities.

If you have any questions regarding Metro Transit's recycling and conservation programs that are not answered by this website, contact the program manager, Talon Swanson at (206) 684-2261.

Updated: July 20, 2010