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Passport Zone Cost Estimator

Find your passport pricing zone to estimate annual employer cost

Follow these steps to find the ORCA Business Passport zone, cost estimate, and contact information for a business in King, Snohomish, or Pierce counties.

1. Enter the business address to find your passport pricing zone:

(Please include Address, City, State Zip)

ORCA Business Passport zone map


Boundary line Boundary line

Marker Location

2. Find the ORCA Passport Zone that displays on the map for your address on the following chart:

ORCA Business Passport Prices

Valid for contracts that start between September 1, 2018 – February 1, 2019

Business located in…
Regional Zone Name
Annual cost per employee
New Contract Renewal Contract
Zones in Snohomish County
Snohomish County – Suburbs $48.47 $48.47
Snohomish County – Urban $102.75 $120.64
Zones in King County
Shoreline & NE KC Suburbs $190.54 $271.31
Seattle Neighborhoods $441.84 $703.34
University District $441.84 $703.34
Lake Union & Queen Anne $498.07 $688.15
Belltown $720.53 $772.01
First Hill $466.82 $745.22
Seattle CBD $698.36 $806.14
International District $611.25 $790.65
Bellevue CBD $465.25 $595.09
King County Suburbs $270.44 $404.60
SeaTac $653.53 $849.37
Zones in Pierce County
Pierce County – Suburbs $96.82 $97.30
Tacoma/Fife/Lakewood $240.26 $264.74

3. Estimate Your Passport Cost:

Multiply the cost per employee on the chart above by the total number of employees at your worksite for a total annual business cost estimate.


Based on new pricing for September 1, 2018 – February 1, 2019

Annual cost per employee x Total # of employees = Total annual cost estimate for a new contract with 100 employees in the King County Suburbs zone is:

$270.44 x 100 = $27,044 annual cost estimate

4. Contact staff for more information:

Contact your Passport representative to get started with ORCA Business Passport and to confirm the annual cost for your business.

Business located in...
Contact information
Agency Name Telephone E-mail
Snohomish County Community Transit Debbie Anderson 425-438-6136
King County King County Metro Transit Employer Commute Services 206-477-3700
Pierce County Pierce Transit Sharon Stockwell 253-581-8112

About ORCA Business Passport

For more about benefits to employers and eligibility requirements, visit the ORCA Business Passport website.

Use our ORCA Business Passport product sheet for a quick program overview.

Disclaimer: This information is being made available as a convenience to our users. While we make every effort at accuracy, errors can and do occur, and maps are not guaranteed to depict accurate measurements. Information is also subject to change without notice.