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Bus Service Revisions Begin Saturday, Sept 19, 2009

Every day, changes occur to King County roads, businesses and communities that affect our transportation network. Many of these changes are due to population growth and economic conditions in the Puget Sound region. That's why Metro Transit makes revisions to its bus service three times each year. We want to make your bus trips as fast and convenient as possible, and deliver service you can rely on.

This Special Rider Alert summarizes service revisions that begin in mid-September. Please check your route's new light purple timetable for more details.

You can also visit Metro Online or call us to learn about the many transportation choices and services available to you in King County. Take your pick of travel modes: bus, train, VanPool, VanShare, Rideshare, Access vans for eligible riders, carpool, Zipcar, bike-and-ride and more. Name the place where you want to go-work, home or play-and choose your time. You'll find that Metro has a solution for you.

At Metro, we're working hard to give you easy access to the places you want to go, while helping you save money, control stress and protect the environment. So when we say, "We'll Get You There," we mean it!


New Light Purple Timetables and Trip Planning

  • Pick up a new light purple timetable on your bus or at a Metro information rack, your work site or a local library.
  • On Friday, Sept 18, complete schedule information and custom printable timetables will be available on Metro Online.
  • You can also plan your trips online as early as Sept 9 with Metro's Trip Planner. Remember to enter a travel date of Sept 19 or later.

If you ride Community Transit, Pierce Transit or Sound Transit service, please check their new schedules or refer to their web sites.

If you have questions or need help planning your trip, call Metro's Customer Information at 206-553-3000 (TTY Relay: 711). The office is open 24 hours a day except for major holidays and King County furlough days.

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Major Route Changes in Southeast Seattle and Southwest King County

Beginning Saturday, Sept 19, Metro will revise bus routes in southeast Seattle and southwest King County to connect with Link light rail service, avoid duplication of transit services and improve bus service in these areas.

Service changes in southeast Seattle include revised routing on routes 8, 9, 14, 36, 38, 39, 42, 48, 106 and 107, more frequent service on routes 8, 48, 106 and 107, and expanded hours on routes 8, 60 and 106.

Routes 32 and 42 Express will be discontinued, and fewer trips will operate on routes 7 Express, 34, 38, 39 and 42. By making these reductions, Metro can add trips to more heavily used routes and reduce duplication of bus and light rail service.

Route 101 trips that currently operate to and from Fairwood will be renumbered Route 102, and new DART Route 913 will be added in Kent.

In southwest King County, service changes include revised routing on routes 154, 174 and 179, more frequent service on routes 154 and 174, and the addition of new routes 124 and 129. Routes 126, 170 and 191 will be discontinued, and routes 179 and 196 will have fewer trips.

Please refer to the Schedule & Route Revisions and maps in this brochure for more information about these routes.

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Mount Baker Transit Center Opens Sept 19

On Saturday, Sept 19, the new Mount Baker Transit Center opens at Rainier Ave S & S Forest St, just east of the Mount Baker Link Station. The transit center features three bays served by eight routes providing service to and from downtown Seattle, the Seattle Center, Loyal Heights, Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill and Rainier Beach.

Bay 1, located northbound on Rainier Ave S just south of S Forest St, will be served by routes to Capitol Hill, downtown Seattle and the Seattle Center. Routes to Rainier Beach, Beacon Hill and Loyal Heights will serve westbound Bay 2, on the south side of the main south island. Route 14 trips to Mt Baker and downtown Seattle will serve westbound Bay 3, on the south side of the north island.

Please refer to the map of the Mt Baker Transit Center below for more information about boarding locations and route destinations.

You may also download a .pdf version of the Mt Baker Transit Center map.

graphic of Mt Baker Transit Center

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New Routes 102, 124, 129 and 913 (DART)

Route 101 trips to and from Fairwood will be renumbered as Route 102. New Route 102 (see the map) will operate six weekday morning peak-period trips to downtown Seattle and seven weekday afternoon peak-period trips to Fairwood. Route 101 will continue to provide all-day service between the Renton Transit Center, S Renton P&R and downtown Seattle.

New Route 124 (see the map) will replace Route 174 between the Tukwila International Blvd Link Station and downtown Seattle. Route 124 will serve Bay 3 at the Link station and operate about every 30 minutes from 5 am to 1:30 am seven days a week, plus night owl trips leaving downtown Seattle at 2:15 am and 3:30 am. Route 174 will continue to provide service between Federal Way and the Tukwila International Blvd Link Station.

New Route 129 (see the map) will operate between the Tukwila International Blvd Link Station, north SeaTac and Riverton Heights. Route 129 will serve Bay 3 at the Link station and operate five morning and five afternoon peak-period trips. Route 129 will replace a portion of discontinued Route 170.

New Route 913 (DART) (see the map) will operate between the Kent Sounder Station in downtown Kent and the Riverview and Lakes neighborhoods in west Kent. Route 913 will serve Bay 3 at Kent Station and operate every 30 minutes Monday through Saturday from about 6 am to 7 pm.

Please refer to the Schedule & Route Revisions section for more information about these routes.

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Kirkland Transit Center Closes Sept 19

Beginning Saturday, Sept 19, the Kirkland Transit Center will close for about one year for construction on 3rd St between Central Way and Kirkland Ave in downtown Kirkland. Improvements at the Kirkland Transit Center will include longer bus bays, wider sidewalks and improved passenger shelters. Interim improvements will be made to two pairs of bus stops eastbound and westbound on Central Way near 3rd St, and northbound and southbound on 6th St near 4th Ave.

Please refer to the map of the Kirkland Transit Center for more information about temporary boarding locations for routes 230, 234, 236, 238, 245, 248, 255 and ST 540.

You may also download a .pdf version of the Kirkland Transit Center map.

graphic of Kirkland transit center

Table of Contents

Service During Snowy and Icy Weather

During periods of adverse weather, it is not possible to predict how service will be affected or which Metro routes or trips may be revised or canceled. Metro provides information about changes to service as soon as possible through Metro Online, the Customer Information phone line and e-mailed KC Metro-Alerts. However, information about unplanned changes to service in unpredictable conditions may not be available immediately because changes occur rapidly, and it takes time to receive and update information.

Metro customers should check news reports and other sources for information about the impact of weather conditions on bus service in their area before heading to bus stops. Bus riders should prepare for the storm season by taking three steps:

  • Sign up for e-mailed KC Metro-Alerts.
  • Know the snow route for your regular bus, and find other routes and bus stops that would work for you in case your regular route is not operating as scheduled. Planned snow routes will be available on Metro Online by Nov 1.
  • Bookmark Metro Online and keep Metro's customer information phone number (206-553-3000) handy so you can find out if new information is available before you travel.

Table of Contents

Reduced Weekday and Holiday Bus Service

Metro bus routes will operate Sunday schedules on:

  • Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov 26,
  • Christmas Day, Friday, Dec 25, and
  • New Year's Day, Friday, Jan 1, 2010

Metro operates a reduced weekday schedule on:

  • Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov 11,
  • the day after Thanksgivng, Friday, Nov 27,
  • Christmas Eve, Thursday, Dec 24,
  • the holiday week from Monday, Dec 28, to Thursday, Dec 31, and
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Thursday, Jan 18, 2010

Reduced weekday service operates on a weekday schedule, but many peak-only commuter routes are canceled or operate a reduced number of trips due to lower demand. Please check your route's timetable or Metro Online for details. Also, check the Sound Transit section for more holiday service information.

Table of Contents

University of Washington Bus Riders

Designated trips on routes 31, 65, 67, 68, 75, 167, 197, 205, 272, 277 and 372 are canceled from Monday, Sept 21, to Tuesday, Sept 29, and from Monday, Dec 21, to Wednesday, Dec 23, when the University of Washington is not in session.

Also, designated trips on routes 31, 65, 67, 68, 75 and 372 are canceled, and routes 167, 197, 205, 272 and 277 will not operate on:

  • Veterans Day, Wednesday, Nov 11,
  • the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, Nov 27,
  • Christmas Eve, Thursday, Dec 24,
  • the entire holiday week from Monday, Dec 28, to Thursday, Dec 31, and
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day, Monday, Jan 18, 2010

Please check your route's timetable for details.

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King County Ferry District Begins Operation of Vashon Passenger-Only Ferry this Fall

This Fall, the King County Ferry District will take over operation of the Vashon to Seattle passenger-only ferry from Washington State Ferries. Planned ferry service will provide three peak-period trips leaving Vashon at 6:10 am, 7:10 am and 8:15 am. In the afternoon, planned passenger-only ferry service will leave Pier 50 in Seattle at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30.

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ORCA is here!

Say hello to the ORCA card, and say goodbye to "magnetic stripe" passes, paper transfers and exact change. ORCA uses smart card technology to automatically account for different fares and transfers on Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries. To get an ORCA card or for more information contact:

ORCA Customer Service
Monday through Friday, 8 am - 5 pm
1-888-988-6722 (ORCA), TTY Relay: 711
Non-English interpreter services: 1-800-823-9230 [external link]

The new ORCA card and traditional Metro passes, ticketbooks and taxi scrip are available at the Westlake Customer Stop on the west end of the mezzanine in the Westlake tunnel station and at the King Street Center customer service office at 201 S Jackson St in Pioneer Square. Visit the retail locations page or buy online. To order by phone, call 206-624-PASS (7277).

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Never Try to Board a Moving Bus

Bus drivers turn their attention to road conditions and traffic when the bus is leaving a bus stop. That is why you should never try to run after or alongside a moving bus; the driver may not see you. Also, drivers are not allowed to stop and pick you up in the street or outside a bus stop. Please, don't put yourself and others at risk by distracting the bus driver; it could cause a serious accident. Be safe, and NEVER try to stop a moving bus.

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Be Prepared When Boarding or Exiting Your Bus

To speed up the loading and unloading of passengers, please have your cash fare, transfer or pass ready when boarding or exiting the bus. If passengers are standing, please move toward the back of the bus so other people can board.

While standing on a bus, please hold onto an upright or overhead stanchion or seat-back handle. "Help Metro Help You" in case of unexpected starts and stops, while the bus is moving, and while getting on and off buses.

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When to Pay On Routes Traveling Through the Free Ride Area

Cash fare customers boarding buses outside the Ride Free Area in downtown Seattle but riding through downtown to a destination outside of the Ride Free Area should ask for a transfer when boarding and show it to the driver when exiting.

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Spread the Word about Commuting Options

Higher fuel prices, increased insurance rates and longer drive times make commuting by car more expensive and stressful every day. Tell your family and friends about the commuting choices offered by Metro Transit and its transportation partners: Community Transit, Pierce Transit and Sound Transit. Commuting by bus, carpool, vanpool or train can be cost-effective and pleasant.

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VanShare - Complete Your Connection

Let VanShare bridge the gap in your commute. With VanShare, you can connect with a bus or train to get to and from work. Use a VanShare van on the first or last leg of your trip and from transit connections at bus stops, park-and-rides, and rail stations or ferry terminals. Plus, your van can be available for personal errands during the day. To get started, phone 206-625-4500, or e-mail

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External links to partnering transit agencies

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Updated September 9, 2009