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Metro Transit Special Rider Alert, September 2006

Below is a numerical listing of affected routes throughout Metro’s service area. Revisions will go into effect on Saturday, Sept. 23. Pick up a new ORANGE timetable for complete route and schedule information.


Service Revision


Revised routing in north Renton during construction along Park Ave N. This revision has been in effect since July 2006.


All but the last two PM trips between Burton and Tahlequah will be revised to operate directly on Vashon Highway SW; Portage/Ellisport routing will be discontinued.


One new AM northbound trip from Burien/White Center to the University District.


Due to construction, westbound routing to Sea-Tac Airport revised to operate on S 170th St and Air Cargo Rd.


Shortened routing to operate between downtown Seattle and the Kent Station/Transit Center; improved service frequency on weekdays and Saturdays to every 15 minutes until about 7 p.m.; timed connections with new Route 180 to Auburn at the Kent Station/ Transit Center.


Discontinued route. Service replaced by new Route 180.

152, 915

Shortened Route 152 to operate all trips between Auburn Station and downtown Seattle. Two morning and two afternoon trips on Route 152 will be discontinued. Route 915 will replace Route 152 service between Auburn and Enumclaw while offering expanded peak-hour service coordinated with Sounder trains at Auburn Station.

160, 161, 163

Routes 160 and 163 discontinued; portions of both routes combined into new Route 161, which will run five morning northbound and five evening southbound trips. Route 161 will serve North Meridian Park, Glencarin, East Hill, Tukwila Sounder Station, Tukwila P&R and downtown Seattle.


Shortened to serve the South Renton P&R, Renton Transit Center and the University District via Bronson Way, the I-405/Sunset interchange, I-405 and SR-520. Route 167 will no longer serve Kent or Auburn.


Changed boarding location at Renton Transit Center from Bay 10 to Bay 2.


Revised routing to serve the new Federal Way Transit Center instead of the I-5/S 320th St P&R, and operate via S 272nd St and the I-5/Kent-Des Moines freeway stop.


Revised northbound and southbound routing at Sea-Tac Airport due to construction. All trips will operate on S 170th St and continue to serve all stops on International Blvd.


New Route 180 will replace portions of routes 150 and 151 with daily service beween Auburn, Auburn Station, Auburn P&R and Kent Station/Transit Center. Route 180 will also offer expanded peak-hour service from 3-8 a.m. and 12:45-5:45 p.m. to Kent Station/Transit Center, Sea-Tac Airport and Burien Transit Center. Timed connections with Route 150 at the Kent Station/Transit Center will enable continuing trips between Auburn and downtown Seattle.


Northeast Tacoma routing will be revised for buses to operate along the new segment of Norpoint Way NE between 49th Ave NE and 29th St NE. Service along 29th St NE, 53rd Ave NE and 31st St NE will be discontinued.

185, 186

Routes 185 and 186 will be replaced by new Dial-A-Ride Transit Route 919, which will provide a combination of regular routing and DART transit services in Auburn on week days and Saturdays.


Revised northbound routing at Sea-Tac Airport due to construction. All trips from Federal Way will operate on S 170th St.

200, 209, 210, 269, 271, 927

Revised routing around the Issaquah P&R for a long-term construction project.


Revised routing to use new Eastgate direct-access ramp to and from I-90 for most trips. Nine Route 212 trips have been added: three new morning and three new afternoon eastbound trips, and three new morning westbound trips.The three new morning eastbound trips and three existing afternoon westbound trips will serve the stops at Richards Rd. All other trips will discontinue service to stops at Richards Rd.


Added one westbound morning trip and one eastbound afternoon trip to and from downtown Seattle. Please note also that Route 554 will have two weekday evening trips extended to the S Sammamish P&R.


Added freeway stops on direct-access ramp for Eastgate P&R (142nd Place SE).

225, 229

Revised routing to use new Eastgate direct-access ramp to and from I-90. Service to stops at Richards Rd discontinued.


Revised schedule to provide 30-minute service between Redmond and Bellevue from about 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays.

237, 252, 257

Revised routing to discontinue service to stops at Houghton P&R. These routes will no longer exit I-405 at NE 70th Pl.

240, 247, 342

Revised routing in north Renton during Park Ave N construction. This revision has been in effect since July 2006.


Revised schedule to provide 30-minute service between Bear Creek and Bellevue from about 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays.


Added one northbound morning trip and one southbound afternoon trip. Deleted one southbound morning trip and one northbound afternoon trip. Changes provide improved service to Overlake employment center.

DART 919

New DART Route 919 replaces routes 185 and 186 with a combination of fixed-route and reservation service in Auburn on weekdays and Saturdays.