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Metro Transit Special Rider Alert, September 2003

Major Bus Service Changes Begin Saturday, September 27, 2003

King County Metro Transit will initiate significant changes to its bus network, with particular emphasis in the northend of King County and the Federal Way area. These changes are designed to provide better overall bus service, and will allow us to serve more riders with existing resources.

If you have any questions about the changes in transit service or need help planning your trip, please call Rider Information at 206-553-3000 (TTY users 206-684-1739), or use our online Trip Planner.

Thank you for riding Metro. We appreciate serving you and are doing our best to provide you with timely, reliable bus service for your everyday transportation needs.


Other Bus Service Changes


Changes in Service


No longer serves the Bellevue TC.


Added commuter service between Eastgate P&R, Bellevue Community College and the Bellevue TC.


In Bellevue, no longer serves NE 4th St. Boarding location changes include: Bellevue TC, use Bay 8 to Shoreline; Renton TC, use Bay 3; Aurora Village TC, use Bay 6.

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Metro Connections with Sounder Trains

In anticipation of future changes to the Sound Transit Sounder train schedule, weekday trips for routes 110, 140, 150,151, and 152 operating through the Auburn, Kent, and Tukwila Stations have been revised. Most of these revised trips will arrive earlier at Sounder Stations. Please check your new orange timetable for specific changes.

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Bus change for Route 7, 43 and 44 Riders

Routes 7, 43 and 44 will use diesel buses instead of electric trolleys on weekends until 2005

Beginning Saturday, September 27, low-emissions diesel buses will replace electric trolley buses on weekends. Trolleys will continue to operate Mondays - Fridays.

In 2005, all the articulated trolley and diesel buses on Routes 7, 43, and 44 will be replaced with newer electric trolley buses. Metro will continue to provide current levels of service on these routes during weekends.

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Pick Up Your New Orange Timetable

Pick up your new orange timetable on your bus and at Metro information racks, work sites and libraries beginning September 18. Complete schedules and customized, printable timetables are also available at Metro Online.

If you ride Sound Transit, Pierce or Community Transit, pick up their new schedules or refer to their web site and look for changes that may impact your bus ride.

Please help conserve paper by taking only the timetables you need or by using these other information options:

  • Metro Online (New timetables and maps will be available on Metro Online by close of business September 26, 2003.)
  • Metro Trip Planner (Trip plans using new schedules should be available the week of September 15, 2003.)
  • ST Express - 1 888-889-6368
  • Rider Information: 206-553-3000 - Voice, 206-684-1739 - TTY

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Test your trip in advance with Trip Planner

You can plan your trip in advance with Metro's online Trip Planner and see what routes, times and locations are best for your trip. Just use a travel date of September 27 or later and you'll have access to all the new and changed service that will be going into effect.


Holiday Service



Type of Service


Veterans Day

Tues., Nov. 11

Partial Holiday*



Thurs., Nov. 27



Day after Thanksgiving

Thurs., Nov. 28

Partial Holiday



Thurs., Dec. 25



New Year's Day

Thurs., Jan. 1



ML King Day

Mon., Jan. 19

Partial Holiday


* Weekday schedule will be operated but the following routes will be cancelled. All have alternate service.
45, 46, 76, 77, 79, 133, 167, 197, 202, 205, 272, 277, 304, 308, 311, 373

** Waterfront Streetcar does not operate. If a route does not usually run on Sunday, it will not operate on these holidays.

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Buy a Metro bus pass

A Metro bus pass is your easiest way to travel. Buy yours at Metro's Customer Service offices at 201 S. Jackson St. in Pioneer Square; Westlake Station in the downtown tunnel, or on Metro Online.

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Never Attempt to Board a Moving Bus

Bus drivers turn their attention to the road and traffic once the bus is moving. They may not be able to see you and you could be putting yourself and others at risk.

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External links to partnering transit agencies

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