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Metro Transit Special Rider Alert, September 2000

Transit service revisions begin Saturday, September 16, 2000

This service change is one of three Metro makes each year to improve service and respond to customer needs.


New Orange Timetables

Be sure to pick up a new orange timetable, available on buses and at outlets, for detailed routing and scheduling information. Please help conserve paper by taking only the timetables you need or by using these other information options:

  • Metro Online (New timetables and maps will be available on Metro Online by close of business September 15, 2000.)
  • Sound Transit [external link]
  • Rider Information - 206-553-3000 - Voice
  • Rider Information - 206-684-1739 - TTY
  • ST Express - 1 888-889-6368
  • Bus Time - 206-287-8463

Table of Contents

Seattle Night Service Adjustments

Routes 10, 11, 12, 20, 43 and 44 will have night service adjustments. More changes include:

Route 82

  • Operates along Stone Way N. between N. 40th St. and N. 45th St.
  • No longer serves N. 80th St. between Wallingford Ave. N. and Aurora Ave. N, instead serves Wallingford Ave. between N. 80th and 85th Sts. and N. 85th St. between Wallingford Ave. N. and Aurora Ave. N.

Route 84

  • Operates along E. Pine St. instead of E. Pike St. between Bellevue Ave. and 14th Ave.

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Other Route and Schedule Changes

Metro Routes 150, 151 and 152 Connect with New Sounder Service

Train Symbol Sounder service will begin on Monday, September 18, 2000. Metro routes 150, 151 and 152 will have select trips connecting with Sounder arrival and departure times at the Auburn Station, located west of A St. S.W. & 1st St. S.W. and the Kent Station, located at Smith St. & Railroad Ave. Look for the new train symbol on your timetable for specific times.

Route 185 Serves Auburn Senior Complex

  • New service along 15th Ave. N.E. , A St. N.E. and 10th St. N.E.
  • Serves Auburn Court Senior Apartment Complex.
  • No longer serves northeast portion on M St. N.E., 28th St. N.E. and I St. N.E. between 22nd and 28th St. N.E.

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New Twin Lakes Park-and-Ride Opening November 2000

A new Twin Lakes park-and-ride lot, located at the N.E. corner of 21st Ave. S.W. & S.W. 344th St. in west Federal Way will open November 2000. Routes 178 and 188 will serve the new lot, which is funded by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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Convention Place Station Construction

In September 2000, Sound Transit Link light rail construction will begin at Convention Place Station. Transit operations may be disrupted, resulting in some service delays and changes to bus stop locations. Metro will do its best to provide advance notification of how service and bus stops will be affected, so watch for Rider Alerts posted at Convention Place Station and information on Metro Online.

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Regional Transfer

Starting September 16, 2000, transfers from Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Pierce Transit and Sound Transit will be universally accepted on those services for base fare. This transfer complements PugetPass, which was introduced last year and is good on transit systems all over the central Puget Sound region.

If you transfer between any of these systems, your valid cash transfer will be worth a base fare on the system to which you transfer. Base fare for Community Transit, Everett Transit and Pierce Transit is local fare. Base fare for King County Metro Transit is one zone fare and base fare for ST Express is one zone regional express bus fare.

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CityPark and Easy Street tokens

Beginning September 1,2000 each CityPark token will be valid for $1.00 toward a transit fare on King County Metro Transit, Sound Transit, and Community Transit buses. If the fare is greater than $1.00, the balance can be paid using an additional CityPark token, tickets, and/or cash (change and refunds will not be provided). If using a pass, the CityPark token can also be used as $1.00 toward the difference of a higher fare. CityPark tokens are not valid on Sounder commuter rail. Tokens are available from participating downtown Seattle merchants with a minimum purchase. For information about participating merchants, please call the downtown Seattle Association at 206-623-0340.

Easy Streets tokens will be valid for up to a two-zone peak hour trip on King County Metro Transit buses through December 31,2000 only. After January 1, 2001 the Easy Streets tokens will no longer be accepted for transit fare payment. However, they will continue to be accepted by participating parking lots in downtown Seattle. For information about participating lots, please call the downtown Seattle Association,at 206-623-0340.

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Attention Bicyclists

Please remember, Metro does not permit bicycles inside buses for safety reasons. Bicycles may be loaded or unloaded at any bus zone at any time except in the Ride Free Area between the hours of 6 AM and 7 PM. During these hours, loading or unloading bikes is restricted to a route's first and last ride free stop and the tunnel stops at Convention Place and International District Stations.

Please follow these safety tips:

  • Always tell the driver when you are going to load and unload your bike.
  • Load your bike in the outside rack slot when it is available.
  • Return the rack to the upright position if no other bike is loaded.

Following these tips will ensure a safe trip.

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Holiday service

All Metro bus service will operate on a Sunday/Holiday schedule on these days:

  • Thanksgiving Day - Thursday, November 23, 2000
  • Christmas Day - Monday, December 25, 2000
  • New Year's Day - Monday, January 1, 2001

The Waterfront Streetcar will not operate on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Day. It will operate a Sunday schedule on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

The day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 24, 2000, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 15, 2001, Metro will operate as a partial holiday with some cancellations. The following routes will not operate on those days: 46, 64, 76, 77, 78, 79, 133, 197, 233, 272, 277, 304, 308, 311, 370 and 372.

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