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Bus service revisions begin
Saturday, June 3, 2006


Changes that may affect your commute

Our region is growing and changing, and so is Metro. We make changes three times a year to provide fast, convenient and reliable bus service.

This Special Rider Alert lists service adjustments for June 2006, but please refer to your route's new blue timetable for more details.

Visit our website or call us to find out about the many transportation choices and services available to you in King County. Choose from buses, vanpools, Flexcars, and Access vans, and use new ways to plan your trips and buy passes online. At Metro, we're working hard to give you easy access to the places you go every day, while helping you save money, reduce stress, protect our environment, and reduce global warming.

If you have questions about the information in this brochure or need help planning your trip, call Metro Rider Information at 206-553-3000 (TTY users 206-684-1739), or visit Metro Online.

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Pick Up Your New Blue Timetable

Pick up your new blue timetable on your bus, at a Metro information rack, at your work site or local library beginning May 25.

If you ride Sound Transit, Pierce or Community Transit, pick up their new schedules or refer to their web site and look for changes that may impact your bus ride.

Please help conserve paper by taking only the timetables you need or by using these other information options:

  • Metro Online (New timetables and maps will be available by close of business June 2, 2006.)
  • Metro Trip Planner Enter a day/date of June 3 or later for itineraries in Metro's service area. Regional trip plans outside of King County may not contain complete information until June 3.
  • Rider Information: Voice: 206-553-3000, TTY: 206-684-1739
  • Bus Time: 206-287-8463
  • More Metro numbers

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Test your trip in advance with Trip Planner

You can plan your trip in advance with Metro's online Trip Planner and see what routes, times and locations are best for you. Trip plans using Metro's new schedules are available now. Enter a day/date of June 3 or later for itineraries in Metro's service area. Regional trip plans outside of King County may not contain complete information until June 3rd. Logon to:

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New Route 644 from Kenmore, Finn Hill and Kingsgate to Overlake

Route 644 will provide peak-hour service between the Kenmore P&R and the Overlake Transit Center via Finn Hill, Kingsgate, I-405 and SR-520. Route 644 will travel southbound in the morning and northbound in the afternoon. This two-year temporary route is funded by the state Department of Transportation to reduce impacts of construction on traffic in the Totem Lake area of I-405.

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Summer Service on U-District Routes

University of Washington bus riders will be affected by summer service cuts on the following routes: 31, 48, 65, 68, 75, 167, 197, 205, 271, 272, 277, 372, 540. These routes will, in most cases, only have some of their trips suspended during the summer due to reduced demand. Please check your teal timetables to make sure your trip has not changed.

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Cut Car Trips and Get Rewards

To keep Fremont moving during construction, the City of Seattle's "Commuter Cash" program will hold prize drawings for bus riders and provide $20 "finder's fees" to anyone who gets a friend to reduce drive-alone commuting. For more information visit

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Issaquah Park-and-Ride Closure and Bus Changes

The Issaquah P&R will be closed for up to two years for construction of a new transit center and parking garage. A smaller interim parking lot will be provided at the northwest corner of 17th Ave. N.W. (SR-900) and N.W. Maple St. Parking spaces are also available at the Tibbetts lot across Newport Way south of the Issaquah P&R. Buses will continue to follow the same routes and pick up passengers at the same stops at the Issaquah P&R. Other park-and-ride spaces are available at the Issaquah Highlands, Eastgate and South Sammamish park-and-ride lots.

Route 214 will have six fewer trips because fewer passengers are expected due to the decreased available parking at the Issaquah P&R. Trip times will be adjusted. Check the new timetable for details.

The Issaquah Highlands P&R will have additional service provided by ST Route 554 Express on weekends, as the route will be extended to the Highlands on weekends. Also, for the entire route, more trips will be provided on Sunday when buses will operate every 30 minutes from about 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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VanShare - Complete Your Connection

Let VanShare bridge the gap in your commute. With VanShare, you can connect with a bus to get to and from work. Use a VanShare van on the first or last leg of your trip and from transit connections at bus stops, park-and-rides, and rail stations or ferry terminals. Plus, your van can be available for personal errands during the day. To get started, phone 206-625-4500, or e-mail VanShare at

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VanPool - Get Moving!

If bus service isn't your solution, discover vanpooling. It is another great alternative to driving alone. Vanpooling can be as flexible as you want. You can join an existing group or form your own. Pick your vehicle size from 8-, 12- or 15-passenger vans. You will feel good about the money you save. You will also enjoy preferred parking and the use of high-occupancy-vehicle lanes for vanpools, carpools and buses. For more information about VanPool, call 206-625-4500 or visit

graphic of vanpool van

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