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Bus Service Revisions begin
Saturday, Feb. 10, 2007

Every day, changes occur to King County roads, businesses and communities that affect our transportation network. Many of these changes are due to population growth in the Puget Sound region. That's why Metro Transit makes changes to its bus service three times each year. We want to make your bus trips as fast and convenient as possible, and deliver service you can count on and appreciate.

This Special Rider Alert brochure lists service revisions for February 2007, but please check your route's new PURPLE timetable for details.

You can also visit our Web site or call us to learn about the many transportation choices and services available to you in King County. Take your pick of travel modes - bus, vanpool, Flexcar, VanShare, Rideshare, Access vans and more. Name the place where you want to go - work, home or play, and choose your schedule - morning, day and night. You'll find that Metro has a solution for you.

At Metro, we're working hard to give you easy access to the places you want to go, while helping you save money, control stress and protect our environment. So when we say, "We'll Get You There," we mean it!

If you have questions about the information in this brochure or need help planning your trip, call Metro Rider Information at 206-553-3000 (TTY users 206-684-1739), or visit Metro Online.


New Purple Timetables & Advanced Trip Planning

Beginning Thursday, Feb. 1, pick up a new purple timetable on your bus or at a Metro information rack, your work site or local library. On Friday, Feb. 9, complete schedule and custom printable timetables will be available on Metro Online. You can also plan your trips as early as Jan. 25 with Metro's online Trip Planner. Remember to enter a travel date of Feb. 10 or later.

If you ride Community Transit, Pierce Transit or Sound Transit service, please check their new schedules or refer to their web site.

Metro's Rider Information office at 206-553-3000 (TTY 206-684-1739) is open 24 hours a day but closed on major holidays. On weekdays after a major holiday, Rider Information reopens at 5 a.m.

  • Metro Online (New timetables and maps will be available by close of business February 9, 2007.)
  • Metro Trip Planner Enter a day/date of Feb. 10 or later for itineraries in Metro's service area. Regional trip plans outside of King County may not contain complete information until Feb. 10.
  • Rider Information: Voice: 206-553-3000, TTY: 206-684-1739
  • Bus Time: 206-287-8463
  • More Metro numbers

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Revised Routing on several Eastside routes

Buses in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland will be rerouted in early 2007 to use the new Sound Transit funded I-405 overpass and new direct-access center ramps at NE 128th St. Until the facilities open, all affected bus routes will continue to use existing routing. Please watch for Rider Alerts in affected areas to help keep you informed.

For more information, please pick up a new PURPLE timetable for your specific bus route.

Affected routes: 230, 237, 238, 252, 257, 277, 291, 311, 342, 644, 935 and 952

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Revised Routing for Route 230

Route 230 has been revised to operate on State St and Lakeview Dr NE between the Kirkland Transit Center and Carillon Point. This new routing will lead to increased schedule reliability. It will also include using the new NE 128th St overpass at I-405 in the Totem Lake area that will later provide transfer opportunities with routes 237, 311, 342, CT 424, ST 532, ST 535 and Custom Bus 952 when the ramps to and from the north are open. See the map.

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Revised Schedules, improved Connections at Kent Station Transit Center

Metro has revised schedules to improve connections at the Kent Station/Transit Center between routes 150, 164, 166, 168, 169 and 180. With these schedule changes, customers should have a five-minute to seven-minute window to make transfers between all routes. For more information, please check the timetable for your specific route.

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Fremont Bridge Opens to Buses in mid-2007

The Fremont Bridge, closed for construction since last May, is scheduled to reopen for buses in mid-2007. The Seattle Department of Transportation will keep Metro informed of its progress toward a specific date to resume regular transit service over the bridge. Until then, all affected routes will continue on their current routing.

Affected routes: 26, 28, 28 Shuttle, 31 and 74

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Service Revisions in Redmond Due to Construction of New Transit Center

Bus service in downtown Redmond will be affected by construction of the new Redmond Transit Center. Six temporary bus stops will help improve transit service in Redmond. Construction will include street alignment modifications and a bus loop expansion north of NE 83rd St to improve transit operations and add bus layover capacity. Construction is scheduled to begin in February 2007. This facility is a joint effort between the City of Redmond, Metro Transit, and Sound Transit.

Affected routes: 220, 230, 232, 249, 250, 251, 253, 254, 265, 266, 291, 922 and 929

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New Changes resulting from Transit Now initiative

We thank everyone who supported the Transit Now ballot measure, which will enable Metro Transit to increase bus service in King County by 15-20 percent over the next 10 years.

Our customers will begin to see immediate transit improvements beginning with this February service change. We have added trips and increased service frequency on 9 Metro routes: 8 44 101 120 140 194 234 245 271

With passage of Transit Now, we will address such issues as peak-hour overcrowding and the need for improved service frequency during midday and on weekends.

Transit Now will also enable Metro Transit to begin designing five bus rapid transit routes called "RapidRide." These routes will serve Ballard, Bellevue, downtown Seattle, Federal Way, Redmond, SeaTac, Shoreline, Tukwila and West Seattle.

For more information, visit our Transit Now Web site.

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Holiday Bus Service

Metro bus routes will operate on a Sunday schedule on Presidents Day, Monday, Feb. 19; Memorial Day, Monday, May 28; Independence Day, Wednesday, July 4; and Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 3. Please check your specific route's timetable for more details. Also, check the Sound Transit section of this brochure for additional service information.

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University of Washington Bus Riders

Selected trips on routes 31, 65, 67, 68, 75, 167, 197, 205, 272, 277, 372 and ST 540 will be canceled March 19-23 when school is closed. Please check your specific route's timetable for more details.

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Spread the Word about Commuting Options

Higher gasoline prices and parking fees, increased insurance rates and longer drive times make commuting by car more expensive and stressful every day. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors about the commuting choices offered by Metro Transit and its transportation partners at Pierce Transit, Community Transit and Sound Transit. Commuting by bus, carpool, vanpool or train can be cost-effective and pleasant.

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Never Attempt to Board a Moving Bus

Bus drivers turn their attention to road conditions and traffic when the bus is leaving a bus stop. That is why you should never try to run after or alongside a moving bus; the driver may not see you. Also, drivers are not permitted to stop and pick you up in the street or outside a bus stop. Please, don't put yourself and others at risk by distracting the bus driver; this might cause a serious accident. Be safe, and NEVER try to stop a moving bus.

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VanShare - Complete Your Connection

Let VanShare bridge the gap in your commute. With VanShare, you can connect with a bus to get to and from work. Use a VanShare van on the first or last leg of your trip and from transit connections at bus stops, park-and-rides, and rail stations or ferry terminals. Plus, your van can be available for personal errands during the day. To get started, phone 206-625-4500, or e-mail VanShare at

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VanPool - Get Moving!

If bus service isn't your solution, discover vanpooling. It is another great alternative to driving alone. Vanpooling can be as flexible as you want. You can join an existing group or form your own. Pick your vehicle size from 8-, 12- or 15-passenger vans. You will feel good about the money you save. You will also enjoy preferred parking and the use of high-occupancy-vehicle lanes for vanpools, carpools and buses. For more information about VanPool, call 206-625-4500 or visit

graphic of vanpool van

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