Archived Service Change Rider Alert

This page has been archived and is no longer being actively maintained. Some of the links on the page may no longer work. For the latest service change information, visit this link.

Originally published Saturday, March 26, 2016


This Special Rider Alert summarizes Metro service revisions and improvements that begin March 26. These changes include significant restructuring of routes in Northeast Seattle and Capitol Hill to connect with the new Link light rail service beginning March 19 to Capitol Hill and the University of Washington. Also described is the splitting of the C and D RapidRide lines with extended service to South Lake Union and Pioneer Square.

If you need help

For assistance, call Metro's Customer Information at 206-553-3000.

New purple timetables

We have identified labels on some printed timetable route maps that incorrectly show transfer points for deleted or changed routes. We’re correcting and reprinting. Online maps with identified errors were corrected.

Planning a trip

Remember to enter a travel date of March 26 or later to plan trips that reflect Metro's new service changes.

Metro connections at new Link stations

See what routes will service bus bays next to the new UW and Capitol Hill Link light rail stations.

Route revisions

New routes, deleted routes, and many, many changes to other routes. See them all here.