Schedule & Route Revisions Effective Saturday, February 16, 2013

Below is a numerical listing of affected routes throughout Metro's service area. Visit Metro Online or pick up a new pink timetable for complete route and schedule information. 

Metro is making some scheduling changes to reduce costs, preserve bus service and operate more efficiently. You may notice differences in the arrival and departure times of your route.

Route 21

All afternoon and evening southbound trips to Westwood Village will continue from the terminal at SW Barton St & 29th Ave SW via 26th Ave SW, SW Roxbury St, 35th Ave SW and SW Barton St before returning to Westwood Village.

Route 24

A new northbound trip to Central Magnolia leaving 4th Ave S & S Royal Brougham Way at 10:15 pm on weekdays and 10:20 pm on weekends will be added. A southbound trip to downtown Seattle leaving 35th Ave W & W McGraw St at 10:18 pm on weekdays and 10:10 pm on weekends will also be added.

Route 42

Due to duplication with other routes, low ridership and other performance issues, Route 42 will be discontinued. Alternative service for portions of Route 42 will be provided by Link light rail and routes 7, 8, 9 and 50.

The service hours for Route 42 will be reinvested on other routes to address overloads, on-time performance and under-served corridors.

Route 55

On weekdays, two morning peak period trips to downtown Seattle have been added leaving California Ave SW & SW Atlantic St at 6:34 and 8:17 am. Also, two afternoon peak period trips to the Admiral District have been added leaving 6th Ave & Blanchard St at 4:54 and 5:11 pm. These trips were added during the fall service change.

Some existing trips will also be revised to improve service frequency. Also, a new partial northbound trip to the Admiral District leaving 35th Ave SW & SW Avalon Way at 7:27 am will be added.

Route 71

The local northbound trip to Wedgwood leaving the International District Station at 6:49 pm will be revised to operate as an express trip. This trip makes no stops between Convention Place Station and NE Campus Parkway & Brooklyn Ave NE EXCEPT at NE 42nd St & 8th Ave NE when the express lanes are open.

Route 131

Trips that are currently scheduled to begin or end in Highland Park at 8th Ave SW & SW Roxbury St will be revised to begin or end at 8th Ave SW & SW 102nd St instead.

Route 152

Southbound trips to Auburn will be revised to operate via S Lander St and the SODO Busway. Route 152 will no longer operate southbound on 4th Ave S between S Lander St and S Spokane St, or eastbound on S Spokane St between 4th Ave S and the SODO Busway. Northbound trips will continue to operate via S Spokane St to 4th Ave S and regular routing to downtown Seattle.

Route 246

The northbound trip to Bellevue leaving the Eastgate P&R at 6:59 am will be revised to leave five minutes earlier at 6:54 am.

Route 372

Two new express stops will be added in both directions on Lake City Way NE at NE 98th St.

Route 913 DART

The first afternoon DART Route 913 trip to Kent Station, currently leaving Riverview Blvd S & S 212th St at 3:06 pm and the Boeing Access Road & S 204th St at 3:10 pm, will be revised to leave at 3:02 pm and 3:09 pm, respectively.

This schedule revision was necessary to ensure connections with Sounder service at Kent Station. All other DART Route 913 trip times are unaffected by this change and will continue to operate at their usual times.