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Metro to increase bus stop spacing for Routes 36 and 60

Metro is planning to reduce the number of closely spaced bus stops on the Route 36 and 60 corridors, affecting some stops that also serve routes 113, 124, 128, 131, 133, 134, 154, and 173. The changes will help buses move faster and operate on a more reliable schedule, reduce energy consumption and emissions, and reduce Metro’s operating and maintenance costs.

Currently, the corridors have a combined 137 bus stops south of S Jackson Street, with an average stop spacing of about 920 feet. The plan will remove 28 of these stops, plus two on East Marginal Way S, increasing the average spacing between stops to about 1,150 feet.

As a result of the changes, approximately 11 percent of Route 36 and 60 riders who board south of S Jackson Street will have to catch their bus at a different stop. When the project is completed, all riders should have a faster, more reliable trip.

The following stops are proposed for closure on April 2, 2011:

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Route 36 and 60 Stop-Spacing Project
route 36
route 60
scheduled for closure stop scheduled for closure
not scheduled for closure stop not scheduled for closure


The comment period for this project has ended. Thanks to everyone who submitted comments.

We'll keep you informed

Metro will consider your comments along with those made by others, and will keep you informed of changes to the plan through notices posted at each bus stop. Metro will also send messages to KCMetro Alerts subscribers for all affected routes.

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Updated: April 25, 2011