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Metro considered a revision of Route 22 in West Seattle

Route 22 buses will continue to operate on SW Ida Street and 41st Avenue SW 

Last month Metro surveyed West Seattle residents and Route 22 riders about a proposal to revise Route 22 so that it would no longer travel on SW Ida Street and 41st Avenue SW and instead would operate directly between California Avenue SW and SW Thistle Street.    

Metro was considering this change because it would have created more direct routing through the neighborhood and avoided several difficult street crossings along 41st Avenue SW.

Based on the comments we received from residents and transit riders and further review by the City of Seattle Department of Transportation, Metro is now recommending that there be no change to Route 22. It will continue to follow the existing routing through the neighborhood. 

Metro received comments from Route 22 riders expressing concern that they would have to walk farther to and from California Avenue SW, since most riders reside east of California. Others expressed concerns about impacts to residents along California and about traffic conditions at the intersection of California and Thistle, where buses would be turning.

While we are no longer proposing a routing change, Metro will continue working with the Seattle Department of Transportation to find ways to improve bus operations and safety along 41st Avenue—especially the crossing at SW Holden Street. 

Thank you for providing comments to Metro about this proposal.

The Proposed Revision

Buses would travel on California Avenue SW rather than 41st Avenue SW and SW Ida Street

King County Metro Transit considering a revision of Route 22 in West Seattle, and wants to know what you think.

Metro is proposing that Route 22 buses would no longer travel on SW Ida Street and 41st Avenue SW, and would instead operate on California Avenue SW between Ida and SW Thistle streets. Several new bus stops would be added along California Avenue between Ida and Thistle streets.
Riders who now get on and off Route 22 buses at stops along Ida Street and 41st Avenue could instead catch the bus at new stops on California Avenue or at stops on Thistle Street.

The map at right shows the proposed new routing. Metro has not yet determined where bus stops would be added on California Avenue.

Metro is considering this new routing because it is more direct, keeps buses on arterial streets, has fewer turns, and eliminates several difficult street crossings along 41st Avenue where drivers’ visibility is limited. Transit travel time and safety would be improved as a result.

Metro is coordinating with the City of Seattle Department of Transportation, which has reviewed the change Metro is considering.

If Metro makes this change to Route 22, the new routing would begin October 2 2010, along with other Metro service and schedule changes.


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Updated: April 16, 2010