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Beacon Hill Georgetown
Routes that could be affected: 32, 36, 106

Why Metro is suggesting changes

  • Provide service connecting Beacon Hill, New Holly, and the Othello Link station.
  • Maintain service connecting south Beacon Hill to downtown Seattle.
  • Minimize duplication of transit service to downtown Seattle.

map of suggested changes

Suggested changes

  • Discontinue Route 32.
  • Extend all Route 36 trips to the Othello Link station (new trolley wire would be installed on S Myrtle Place and S Othello Street).
  • Revise Route 106 to travel by way of S Henderson Street, Carkeek Drive S and Beacon Avenue S to serve the Link light rail Rainier Beach Station and south Beacon Hill. Route 106 would replace portions of routes 32 and 36.
  • Revise Route 106 to travel on Airport Way S between Georgetown and the SODO busway.


  • More frequent service would be provided between the Link light rail Othello Station, New Holly, and Beacon Hill.
  • Route 36 would be more reliable because it would be operated only with trolley buses and because all trips would use the same routing between downtown Seattle and the Link light rail Othello Station. Currently, half the trips end on Beacon Hill and the other half end at Rainier Beach.
  • Route 106 would provide more frequent service between downtown Seattle and employment areas along Airport Way S in Georgetown, and provide a new direct connection to and from Rainier Beach and Renton.


  • Some riders between north Beacon Hill and south Beacon Hill would have to transfer between routes 36 and 106 at Beacon Avenue S and S Myrtle Street.
  • Travel time to downtown Seattle for Route 106 riders who board between Renton and Rainier Beach would increase by 4-5 minutes, or riders could transfer to light rail at the Rainier Beach Link station for a faster trip.
  • Route 106 would no longer serve Rainier Avenue S between S Othello and S Henderson or S Othello/Myrtle Street between Rainier Avenue S and Beacon Avenue S. (See pages 6-7 for alternative service along S Othello Street.)

Potential service enhancements

Depending on resources available, Metro may consider more frequent service on Routes 36 and 106. Options include:

Route 36

  • More frequent service during peak periods (6-9 a.m., 3-6 p.m.).
  • More frequent service on weekends.
  • More frequent evening service (7-10 p.m.).

Route 106

  • More frequent service during peak periods (6-9 a.m., 3-6 p.m.).
  • More frequent evening service and later service at night.
Oct. 3, 2008