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Redmond, Bothell, Bellevue service

Map 2 shows the proposed transit service connecting Woodinville, Duvall, and Redmond with each other and with Seattle and Bellevue in the peak periods. The proposal would change routes 232, 233, 248 (new), and 251. See the potential service changes Route frequency and span chart.

Why changes?

  • Provide service along Avondale Road NE seven days a week with longer hours of operation.
  • Offer peak period service at least every 30 minutes to increase attractiveness and convenience for commuters.
  • Expand the area where midday and weekend transit service is provided.
  • Decrease bus travel times during peak hours between Duvall and downtown Bellevue.
  • Provide more frequent service to Redmond Town Center.

Proposed changes

  • New Route 248 would connect Avondale Road NE with the Kirkland Transit Center via Redmond Town Center, the Redmond Transit Center, and NE 85th Street.
  • Revised Route 251 would connect Bothell and Redmond via Woodinville, Avondale Road NE, NE 124th/128th streets, and Woodinville-Redmond Road. Route 251 would operate more frequently during weekday peak hours, but would no longer operate between Redmond and Kirkland. See information and Map 1 and Map 2 for a description of revised service between Redmond and Kirkland.
  • Route 232 would be revised to operate peak-only service between Duvall and downtown Bellevue via the Woodinville-Duvall Road, Avondale Road NE, the Redmond Transit Center, SR-520, and 112th Avenue NE. It would continue to serve the Overlake freeway stops. Afternoon return service to Redmond and Duvall would still serve 112th Avenue NE between the Bellevue Transit Center and SR-520. Route 232 would continue to operate two-way peak service between Bellevue Transit Center and Redmond Transit Center.
  • Route 233 would be revised to operate between Bellevue and Bear Creek Park-and-Ride via the Overlake Transit Center on weekdays and Saturdays. Route 233 would no longer serve Avondale Road NE.


  • Improves transit service along Avondale Road NE with later evening service, more frequent Saturday service, and new Sunday service on new Route 248.
  • Provides new midday and Saturday service to the NE 124th/128th streets and Woodinville-Redmond Road corridors.
  • Substitutes revised Route 232 peak service along Avondale Road NE for existing peak service on Route 233.
  • Shortens Route 251 to improve on-time performance.
  • Increases transit service to Redmond Town Center.
  • Matches service to ridership levels more efficiently.


  • Some riders on English Hill and on Education Hill would have longer walks to get to a bus stop.
  • Some riders along NE 124th/128th streets, Woodinville-Redmond Road, and Avondale Road NE would have to transfer to reach Bellevue or Overlake.
Jan. 10, 2007