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Kirkland, Rose Hill, Redmond, Avondale, Education Hill service

Map 1 shows the proposed new service connecting Kirkland and Redmond via Rose Hill. The proposal would change Metro routes 233, 238, 251, and 254, and add new routes 221 and 248. The Sound Transit Board has already approved changes to ST Express routes 540 and 545, contingent on changes to Metro routes. Route 540 would be revised to operate on weekdays only between Kirkland Transit Center and the University District, and would not operate on weekends. Route 545 would operate more frequently during peak and midday hours on weekdays. See the potential service changes Route frequency and span chart.

Why changes?

  • Provide new local service between Redmond and Kirkland along NE 85th Street to allow Sound Transit to shift resources to Route 545 in response to increased ridership.
  • Consolidate service on multiple routes connecting Kirkland Transit Center and downtown Redmond.
  • Provide direct all-day service to Lake Washington High School.
  • Provide Education Hill and Old Redmond Road with higher service levels and destinations with higher ridership potential.

Proposed changes

  • New Route 248 would operate daily service along NE 85th Street, connecting the Kirkland Transit Center and Avondale Road NE/Avondale Place NE via downtown Redmond and Redmond Town Center. Between the Kirkland Transit Center and 148th Avenue NE, it would serve the same streets as current Route 540, but with more bus stops. Connections would be timed at Kirkland Transit Center with Route 540 on weekdays, and with Route 255 on weekends. Route 248 would serve Avondale Road NE, instead of Route 233.
  • New Route 221 would operate along 148th Avenue NE between Eastgate Park-and-Ride and Education Hill via Bellevue Community College and Overlake Transit Center. Route 221 would operate between Education Hill and Redmond Transit Center instead of Route 254. The routing pattern on Education Hill would be revised to operate a clockwise loop as shown on Map 1 and Map 3. To provide continuous service along the loop, in the morning, trips on Route 221 would start at Redmond Transit Center, operate through the Education Hill loop, return to the Redmond Transit Center, and then continue to Overlake and Eastgate. In the afternoon and evening, trips on Route 221 would continue through the Redmond Transit Center, operate through the Education Hill loop, and terminate at Redmond Transit Center.
  • Route 233 would be revised to operate a shorter routing, connecting Bear Creek Park-and-Ride with the Overlake and Bellevue transit centers via Bel-Red Road. See information and Map 1 and Map 2 for Route 248 service on Avondale Road NE and Route 232 service on Avondale Road NE.
  • Route 238 would be revised to serve the Houghton Park-and-Ride and NE 80th Street on Rose Hill instead of NE 85th Street, and would operate between Houghton Park-and-Ride and the Kirkland Transit Center.
  • Route 251 would be revised to run between Bothell and Redmond only. Route 251 would no longer operate between Redmond and Kirkland. Service in the Rose Hill area would be provided along a portion of NE 80th Street by revised Route 238, and along NE 70th Street by Route 245. For service along Old Redmond Road, see new Route 221 on this page and Map 1 and Map 3. For service north of the Redmond Park-and-Ride, Route 251 would be revised to operate on Woodinville-Redmond Road and NE 124th/128th streets. For the description of changes to Route 251, see information and Map 1 and Map 2.
  • Route 254 would be discontinued, but more frequent service would be provided by new Route 221 between Education Hill and Bellevue Community College/Eastgate via Redmond and Overlake. For more details, see Route 221 on this page and Map 1 and Map 3.


  • Provides 30-minute bus service with additional bus stops along NE 85th Street, replacing Sound Transit's Route 540 between Redmond and Kirkland.
  • Allows Sound Transit to shift resources and increase the weekday frequency of Route 545 between Redmond, Overlake, and Seattle.
  • Offers more direct service to Lake Washington High School with revised Route 238 that also serves the Kirkland Library, Lake Washington Technical College, Juanita High School, and the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College campus in Bothell.
  • Shortens Route 251 to improve its schedule reliability.
  • Improves transit service along Avondale Road NE with later evening service, more frequent Saturday service, and new Sunday service on new Route 248.
  • Provides new direct connections to Overlake and Bellevue Community College, more frequent service, and longer hours of operation for riders on Education Hill and along Old Redmond Road.


  • No transit service would be provided along NE 80th Street between 132nd Avenue NE and 140th Avenue NE.
  • Transfers may be required at Kirkland Transit Center for ST Route 540 riders traveling between Redmond or Rose Hill and the University District.
  • Transfers may be required for some existing riders traveling between either NE 70th or 80th streets on Rose Hill and Redmond.
  • Transfers may be required for some existing riders traveling between Avondale Road NE and Overlake or Bellevue on current Route 233.
  • Some current Route 232 and 254 riders would have a longer distance to walk to bus stops.
  • Avondale Road NE would no longer have direct service to Overlake during midday hours and on Saturday.
Jan. 10, 2007