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Kirkland service

Two Sound Transit projects near Totem Lake will allow improved transfers and reliability. In fall 2006, a new overcrossing of I-405 at NE 128th Street, center access ramps, freeway stops, and a covered walkway connecting the Kingsgate Park-and-Ride with the NE 128th Street bus stops will open. In about 2008, the totem Lake Transit Center will open.

Map 5

Potential changes for routes 230, 236, 255, and 935


  • Improve connections to I-405 service.
  • Use improved transfer facilities at NE 128th Street ramps and at Totem Lake Transit Center.

Potential changes

The following changes could be made after the new Totem Lake Transit Center opens in 2008:

  • Start and end all Route 255 and 935 trips at the new Totem Lake Transit Center.
  • Revise routes 230, 236, 238, 255, and 935 to cross I-405 via NE 128th Street and serve the new Totem Lake Transit Center when it opens; shift Route 236 from NE 116th Street; shift routes 230, 238, 255, and 935 from NE 132nd Street.
  • Revise Route 236 in Kingsgate to serve 124th Avenue NE between NE 132nd and NE 160th streets instead of 132nd Avenue NE, and revise Route 230 to serve 132nd Avenue NE, NE 144th Street, and 119th Avenue NE.
  • Revise Route 935 to operate via NE 112th and 116th streets instead of NE 124th Street.
  • See information on Sound Transit Route 540.

Frequency and hours of service

  • Route 255: Every 15 minutes in both directions during weekday peak hours; no change in frequencies or hours of operation at other times.
  • Routes 230, 236, 238, and 935: No change to frequencies or hours of operation.


  • Offers new connections to and from I-405 services at the new NE 128th Street freeway stops.
  • Provides more service on NE 116th Street.
  • Provides faster service via 124th Avenue NE for riders traveling between Woodinville and Kirkland.
  • Provides more reliable local service between Brickyard and Totem Lake, as compared to existing Route 255 service.


  • Route 236 would no longer serve the Totem Lake Mall; riders would have to either walk or transfer to routes 230 or 238 at the Totem Lake Transit Center.
  • Route 236 would use 124th Avenue NE in Kingsgate, requiring some riders to transfer or walk further.
  • Riders of Route 255 north of Totem Lake Transit Center would have to transfer to and from revised Route 236.

Kirkland-Bellevue routes 230 and 234


  • Improve service reliability.
  • Improve midday service frequency.
  • Provide Route 234 service on Sundays and holidays.

Potential changes

  • Shift both routes 230 and 234 to new common path between Kirkland Transit Center and South Kirkland Park-and-Ride via State Street, NE 68th Street, Lakeview Drive NE, and Lake Washington Boulevard NE.
  • Discontinue the extra peak-period trips on Route 230 between Kirkland and Bellevue.
  • Add Route 234 service on Sundays and holidays; there is none now.


  • Route 230 would be more reliable as it would miss traffic congestion on Lake Street and Lake Washington Boulevard NE.
  • Connections between Kirkland and Bellevue would be more frequent weekday evenings and on Sundays and holidays.
  • New common corridor would have better service frequency.
  • Route 234, between Kenmore and Bellevue via Finn Hill and Kirkland, would have Sunday and holiday service.


  • Those riding between Bellevue and 6th Street and 108th Avenue NE would have to transfer at South Kirkland Park-and-Ride.
  • Bellevue Way NE between Northup Way and NE 8th Street would have less service frequency during weekday peak periods
Apr. 6, 2006