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I-405 North peak-only services

Map 9

Routes 237 (discontinued), 252, 257, 260 (discontinued), 277 (discontinued), and 311


  • Improve connections to I-405 service.
  • Match service levels to current ridership.

Potential changes

  • Revise the schedules of routes 252, 257, and 311 to improve service and coordinate with local routes at the NE 128th Street transfer point.
  • Revise routes 252 and 257 to begin and end at Brickyard Park-and-Ride; Route 252 would serve area east of I-405, and Route 257 would serve area west of I-405.
  • Discontinue routes 237, 260, and 277.

Frequency and hours of service

  • Routes 252 and 257: No change to current service levels.
  • Maintain current service between Woodinville Park-and-Ride and downtown Seattle; reduce the number of trips between Duvall and downtown Seattle to three in the morning and four in the afternoon.


  • Improved connections via the new NE 128th Street transfer point with downtown Seattle, downtown Bellevue, and Overlake.
  • Streamlined routing for routes 252 and 257.
  • Better match of service levels and coverage with ridership.


  • Route 237 riders to and from Bellevue would have to transfer between Route 311 and routes 530, 532, and 535 at the NE 128th Street stops.
  • Route 260 riders would have to take routes 234, 236, or 935 and transfer to or from Route 255.
  • Route 277 riders would have to transfer to and from other University District routes at Kirkland Transit Center, South Kirkland, Evergreen Point, or Montlake.
  • Route 311 riders east of the Woodinville Park-and-Ride would have fewer trips.
Apr. 6, 2006