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Route 154

Proposed Route 154.

Why make changes?
  • Current service is limited: On weekdays, Route 154 currently operates only two morning northbound trips and two afternoon southbound trips between southeast King County and the Duwamish area.
  • Requests for more connections at Tukwila Station: Employers and commuters have requested new and expanded bus connections at the Tukwila Sounder commuter rail station to Gateway.

Proposed changes

  • When Sounder trains are operating: Route 154 would operate three northbound trips in the morning from Tukwila Station to Federal Center South (East Marginal Way S/S Hudson Street), timed to connect with northbound Sounder trains to Seattle. In the afternoon, Route 154 would operate three southbound trips from Federal Center South to Tukwila Station, timed to connect with southbound Sounder trains to Auburn and Tacoma.
  • When Sounder is not operating: Route 154 would operate one northbound trip from Auburn Station at about 5:00 a.m., serving Kent Station/Transit Center, East Marginal Way S, and Federal Center S. In the afternoon, Route 154 would operate one southbound trip from Federal Center S to Auburn Station at about 2:30 p.m., serving East Marginal Way S and Kent Station/Transit Center.
  • Interconnection with new Route 161: When operating through Tukwila Station, Route 154 trips would be interconnected with new Route 161, serving Glencarin and North Meridian Park (see Route 161).


  • More trips: Route 154 would operate twice as many trips as the existing service.
  • Fast and reliable Sounder service: Sounder commuter rail offers reliable, fast service between Pierce County, Auburn Station, and Tukwila Station.
  • More connections at Tukwila Station: Sounder commuters would have more choices for bus connections at Tukwila Station.
  • Interconnection between Route 154 and new Route 161: The interconnection with new Route 161 would provide direct bus service between North Meridian Park/Glencarin and the Duwamish area.


  • Most trips would require a transfer from/to Sounder trains: Riders from Auburn and Kent on most trips would have to ride a Sounder train to Tukwila Station to connect with Route 154 service.
Jan. 6, 2006